Internship Opportunities by Lupe Gutierrez

Internships are required or recommended in most colleges today, which benefit’s college students in the long run, in terms of finding employment.

Colleges that focus in on accommodating internships as part of their course curriculum position their students in the right path, in terms of being successful after college.

Notre Dame De Namur University School of Business and Management professor Sujata Verma Ph. D., who teaches the internship class for Business said, “ Students who have extra units often take the internship course for more than one year. An internship is crucial to fill the gap for students who do not have any work experience, especially in preparation for post graduation. Director of Career Center Carrie Mcknight gives students help in anticipation for their internship and job opportunities”.  

Communications and Business majors are required to take an year round internship course, where they have a first hand experience in regards to working as an intern for the field they are interested in. Business majors have the option to choose any type of internship of their interest, whereas Communication majors are given the choice of completing a non-profit internship one semester and the next semester completing a profit internship in their field of interest.

“ Internships are very important in regards to being successful after college. By doing one before we graduate gives us the opportunity to explore a position in our field of interest and to find out rather if we enjoy it or turn out to not be the right fit for us. I am currently looking for a summer internship as a marketing intern,” said Junior Michelle Estolas.

Popular internships that most students apply to here on campus would be marketing, communications and business internships for companies and corporations such as SAP, Sales Force, Oracle, Google and more.

Notre Dame De Namur University’s career center offers students part-time, full-time, internship and work-study job listings at their career services. Internships are a necessity in today’s world.

#1851 Reasons: Tell Us Your Story by Brianna Mora

NDNU Marketing Team launches online campaign named for the universitys founding in 1851

NDNU started a new social media hashtag on called #1851REASONS in April. Students, alums, faculty, and staff can share their reason for coming to NDNU and what they have gained from their experience here. Student leaders and the marketing team set up stage for the past few weeks with a table in front of the quad so that students could write on posters about why they chose NDNU. They can post on Facebook and Instagram.

Star Garcia, freshman majoring in Communication, mentioned that she chose NDNU because she, loved the small campus environment and one on one interaction with her professors. Also adding that NDNU is a small gem that many people do not know about because there are so many opportunities.

Executive Director of Marketing and Communications for NDNU, Karen Schornstein, said that marketing started the hashtag to create a platform..[and] capture testimonials and stories from alums and students. Schornstein added that the reason why the hashtag was chosen was because NDNU [hasnt] had a good platform for people to post and share these themselves where others can read the really inspiring stories and experiences from members of our community.

The hashtag was created by the NDNU Marketing Department. Milagros Maxi Vizcaino said she wanted a small college with a supportive and family atmosphere. At NDNU, I was encouraged to explore inside and outside the classroom by professors who continue to be supportive to this day. Even faculty and staff took part in the tradition. Transfer Admissions Counselor, Kenny Tran, stated that he chose NDNU because he wanted to be in the Bay Area. The marketing team has been outreaching to students from all of the different populations to participate, especially in the initial posts. Some of these have already been posted and we will continue to communicate and promote the #1851REASONS on an ongoing basis. 

1851 represents the year that the university was founded, so that is where the number came from. Marketing thought that would resonate and be a memorable hashtag. The reasons relate to [students] stories and experiences with NDNU Schornstein pointed out.

The year 1851 marked the year when the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur came to the San Francisco Bay Area from their mission schools in Oregon and established the College of Notre Dame in San Jose, CA. On this particular year, the two women also known as St. Julie Billiart, Marie-Louise-Françoise Blin de Bourdon. These two sisters began their work of Christian instruction for young poor girls.

During the campaign, students wrote on poster boards and took pictures as to why they chose NDNU and were also given a postcard asking to share to other students to post their reasons why. Assistant Director of University Communications and Media Relations, Zachary Rogow, added on to Schornsteins interview and said that we plan to continue to promote and encourage people to post.  It would be wonderful to reach 1851 reasons.


Virtual Reality by Tamara Qutmiera

The stuff you would dream about as a child is now tangible. Yes, you can put on a virtual reality headset and enter another world (you can even do so at the NDNU student success center). Yes, there are a multitude of VR video games in which you can get lost. But when will we see more of VR TV?

In December 2016, TV channel Showcase announced a new innovative show, Halcyon, which will combine VR elements with a typical TV show. Made up of 10 short-form webisodes and five interactive VR episodes, Halcyon will be an interactive police procedural, with a little twist, so the viewer can be apart of the show through virtual reality. 

The game is set in the year 2040 and the series focuses on Blake Creighton. Users can discard the VR headset and access virtual space using neurological implants that manipulate the senses to create a virtual world. So when the main character, Blake Creighton, is found dead and presumed murdered, Detective Jules Dover and her partner, Asha, investigate if this could be the world’s first virtual murder.

And that’s where the adventure begins. In Halcyon‘s VR episodes, you’re able to transport to the actual crime scene in VR and partake in the criminal investigation into Creighton’s death. You can move around the room, collect evidence, interact with objects and dust for fingerprints, looking for clues to help solve the crime. If you ever wanted to transport into a TV show, now’s your chance.

“I think this is incredibly interesting and pretty cool, but people need to remember that they still need to go outside and enjoy life. It’s kind of scary how quickly technology is evolving, and thinking about what the world is going to be like in 10-2o years, is terrifying. When it’s all said and done, I just hope people are still going to be able to interact with one another face to face and not have to hide behind a screen,” said Junior Victoria Mantler.

The catch is that this experience is only available for Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, powered by Oculus. In other words, you need to have a Samsung phone and an Oculus VR set to participate.

If you are interested in the virtual reality world, and want to give it a try before considering purchasing, you can do so here at NDNU, and free of charge! At the student success center, students that work there are more than willing to show you how it’s done. There is a wide variety of virtual reality sets including the oculus rift, htc vive, hololense, and zSpace. Basically, any type of VR set you’d dream of giving a go, is available.

At the student success center you have the option of trying out the many different things that virtual reality has to offer. Video games (yes they have shooting ones), obstacles that test your biggest fears (such as heights, the dark, claustrophobic settings, etc.), you can travel the world and really feel like you’re there, play basketball with Lebron James, and more.

“VR is the new wave because quite a few jobs are requiring you to be familiar with the technology. And, the coolest thing about it is that this is just the beginning. Lord knows what this technology will be like five years from now! So my job as the VR/AR coordinator, is to get people into the student success center and show them all the opportunities that can come from such advanced technology, and to help them get familiar with it,” said Senior Brandon Davis.

How the Internet is Affecting Students According to Them by Noah Sanchez

With laptops, iPads, and all other types of technology that has been created in this generation, education has changed according to the students themselves.

“All of my homework needs to be done on the computer whether it is typing an essay or doing homework via a website online. I genuinely do not think I could pass any of my classes without my computer or the internet. Although with all of my social media applications, I do sometimes get distracted, but for the most part, I am very thankful for the technology in our day and age just because of everything it does for us. It does have some down sides, but those are definitely outweighed by all of the positive things about it,” said sophomore biology major, Keyanna Henderson.

When asked, “Would you be able to complete any of courses without your computer,”  sophomore, Emma Keller said, “Definitely not.” “Almost all of my courses require it and even the ones that do not, I would still need to be able to access my email online to keep in touch with my professors. Even with some of my art courses where my projects are usually done on paper, I still use the internet sometimes if I need to search things to gain inspiration.”

According to a New York Times article,Technology and the college Generation (2013), a sophomore at Fordham University in New York, names Morgan Judge said she thought it was “cool” last semester when a professor announced that students could text him. “This is a benefit because although we have email, text message is a much faster way to get into contact with our professors if we have a very urgent question that can not wait. Personally speaking from experience from having a professor who gave out her cell phone number, I found this very effective and actually found myself using her number multiple times during the semester,” said freshman psychology major, Stephen Mau.

According to Eric Stoller, who consults with universities on social media and communication, said schools often have outsize expectations for students when it comes to all things tech. “We have this perception that because students are fluent with things like smartphones and downloading music that they are born with chips embedded in them that make them technology wizards,” he said. “They are no better at managing e-mail than anyone else.” (Rubin, “Technology and the College Generation”)

Freshman, Selina Cardoza stated, “Without technology, we would not be able to contact our professors within a timely manner if the occasion is truly urgent and frankly, we also would not be able to get a majority, if any of our work done. The influx of technology of our generation has greatly helped the education system and well as students, as long as they stay focused.”

What We Need to Know for the Warriors Stretch Run By Ryan Malley

The home stretch of the NBA’s regular season is coming and the Golden State Warriors have found themselves in a very familiar position atop the Western Conference standings. However, their position in the standings may be the only familiar aspect for the 2017 Warriors and their fans.

After setting the NBA record with 73 regular-season wins last season and the addition of NBA superstar Kevin Durant, the Warriors were expected to roll through the regular season. Despite a 29-point opening season loss to the San Antonio Spurs, the Warriors were living up to their lofty expectations. From October through January, the Warriors had not lost more than two games in one month. The Warriors were on their way to doing the same in February, but everything changed two minutes into their last game of the month.

On February 28th, the Warriors were playing the Wizards in Washington D.C. The hype going into this game was big. The Wizards had drastically improved this season and are likely to have a top four seed in the Eastern Conference Playoffs. Washington D.C. is also the childhood home for Kevin Durant. Durant did not consider the Wizards during free agency last summer and the Wizard fans were ready to voice their displeasure.

With a little over two minutes into the first quarter, Wizards Center Marcin Gortat was fighting for position with Warriors Center Zaza Pachulia. Pachulia was thrown to the ground and fell into Durant’s left knee. The result was a grade-2 MCL sprain and a bone bruise, and Durant has been not played since.

Many Warrior fans were upset and were calling Gortat’s play “Dirty” for chucking Pachulia to the ground. However Warriors General Manager Bob Meyers disagreed.

“I don’t think anything untoward. My thought- and I think I speak for the organization- is I don’t think anything untoward occurred. These things happen in sports.”

The Warriors went on to lose the game in Washington. Then they lost their next game in Chicago, which became the first time that the Warriors had lost back-to-back NBA regular season games in almost three years. The Warriors would win their next two games in a somewhat sloppy fashion but then in a four-day span, lost three games in a row to Boston, Minnesota, and San Antonio.

A degree of panic had set in the Bay Area. Fearing that his stars had become worn out, Head Coach Steve Kerr rested Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Andre Iguadola against San Antonio.

“The Warriors were not looking good and I was getting worried about how this team was going to play out the rest of the season,” said NDNU Basketball starting center Korey Serna. “Thankfully they have been playing better lately and Kevin Durant should be coming back soon.”

The Warriors have been playing better lately. After losing three games in a row, the Warriors found themselves down by 17 to the lowly 76ers. They made a furious 4thquarter comeback and have won eight games in a row. To make matters even better, CSN Bay Area has posted a video of Kevin Durant working out before the Houston Rockets game on March 28th. The Warriors Public Relations Office updated his recovery on March 29th.

“Kevin has made very good progress since suffering the injury four weeks ago in Washington. He has not experienced any setbacks to date and has progressed as well as could be expected.”

After a month of uncertainty, it seems that the Warriors have found their groove once again. With 8 games remaining in the regular season, the Warriors are in first place in the Western Conference and it appears that Kevin Durant will be on the court when the playoffs come.  It seems that the Warriors are coming together at exactly the right time.

Predictions for the 2017 San Francisco Giants by John Schrup

For Giants fans last year marked the end to the “even year magic.” The Giants were world Champions in 2010, 2012, and 2014 leading to the belief that Giants were destined for greatness on even years. This belief gave fans hope during the 2011, 2013 and 2015 seasons when they feel short of winning the World Series.

“After the 2014 championship win and then getting knocked out in the 2015 season, I truly believed that the Giants would win again in 2016.” said freshman Jack Shales.

The beginning of the 2017 season marks the beginning of a new era for Giants fan. There’s no longer the connotation that if the Giants loose in the odd year they would automatically win the next season in the event year. Although this theory can be seen as a mere coincidence, many Giants fan believed in and gave them hope.

The Giants are under more pressure than they have been in the last five years because the even year magic theory is dead. They no longer have the luxury of using the odd year as a rebuilding blanket for the even year season, the fans want another World Series championship and they want it now.

The Giants have brought in new pieces to put themselves in a position to make a run for the championship this season. They have addressed their very important need for reliever. During the final game of the playoffs last year, Giants manager pulled starting pitcher Justin Moore and handed the ball to the Giants bullpen to hold on to the three run lead going into the 9th inning.

“I remember watching the game with my dad and watching Reliever Castillo come in and we looked at each other and said it’s over. He’d been struggling all season and our other guys in the bullpen have had little success as well”, said senior Anthony Richardson.

The Giants addressed the issue in the off season by bringing in three-time All-Star Mark Melancon. Melancon comes to San Francisco with a career 2.60 ERA and 1.036 WHIP, and coming in with the most saves over the last two seasons combined.

“I thought the major issue the Giants had last season was consistent power in the batting lineup”, said senior Sean Walsh.

The Giants have addressed this issue by picking up young slugger Mac Williamson. Williamson has proven that he has a ton of power, hitting six home runs, in a 25 game span between June and July last season.

The Giants were inconsistent when it came to who was in what spot for the starting pitchers. After a stellar season from late season acquisition Matt Moore, the Giants have a locked in the one two and three spots in their lineup for starting pitchers. Madison Bumbgarner, Johnny Cueto and Moore all received CY Young votes in the 2016 season.

The Giants have addressed many of the issues they had last season. As a top team last year with many holes in their lineup, the fact that the Giants have went out an acquired pieces to strengthen their weakness puts them in conversation to be a contender to win the championship next season. You can get your first look at the potential of the 2017-2018 Giants on opening day April 2nd. Will this be the year to start the beginning of the odd year magic?

Ralston Hall Renovations by Lupe Gutierrez

Ralston Hall has been the heart of Notre Dame De Namur University’s campus. Built in 1868, the mansion has been used for several decades as the university’s administrative and faculty offices. It also has been used as a venue for a variety of university events, staff meetings, guest lectures and more.

The university decided to move out employees from Ralston Hall in January 2013 due to the hall not meeting its preliminary assessment on safety.

Within the last three years, Notre Dame De Namur University set up a campaign to raise a minimum of $12 million to pay for the mansions renovations.

Notre Dame De Namur University’s faculty and staff are aware of Ralston Hall’s campaign but as far as renovations, no one knew the update on that.

Notre Dame De Namur University students are not aware of Ralston Hall’s campaign but yet as far as renovations, they knew about it to an extent and have been curious about it’s update.

“ I would love to have classes in the mansion. Iam incredibly curious about the mansion but I am a junior now and know that I won’t be able to to have classes there. It is highly unlikely that the mansion would be ready in time” said Junior Alexzia Gomez.

Notre Dame De Namur University is currently still accepting donations and organizing fundraisers in order to reach their 12 million goal.