NDNU Hosts Charity to Help Victims of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey by Diego Acuna Ortega


By now everyone in the U.S. knows about the damage done by recent Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, however these storms leave an unprecedented amount of ruin for the country to deal with. Thankfully, many organizations have come to help the people in need, including the school itself.

NDNU hosted a concert hosted by the Musical Performance program and the Sr. Dorothy Stang Center on Saturday, September 16 at Taube Hall as a fundraiser for the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Irma. The money raised was forwarded to the American Red Cross and United Way Worldwide non-profit organizations. These organizations use the donations to directly help those affected by the storms. They are some of the largest worldwide crisis organizations out there and are able to reach out to disaster areas quickly, which is why the donations were given to them.

Students, alumni, and faculty from the musical department came to perform and gather donations for those who suffered through the storms. There were also students and staff at the campus quad accepting donations that night, and the Office of Spirituality/Dorothy Stang Center will also accept donations throughout the week. “The performances were really good, and it was for a good cause so it made everyone feel happy” said junior Ryan Gaviola, who attended the concert. “There was around 30 people enjoying the show when I was there, and there were students and other people playing the music”

This event represents the support that the school and its students have for those swept by the storm and is a reminder of our compassion for the fellow person in need. “We are trying to make sure that we contribute to the help for the people in Texas and Florida”, said senior and Vice President of Communications of the Student Assembly Leadership Team, Robby Keith. “Student organizations are also accepting and would appreciate any kind of donations, including female hygiene products since they often don’t get sent to refuge sites.”

Any amount of help gives a little relief to those going through the aftermath of the hurricanes. It is the civic duty and one of the hallmarks of the school to act on behalf of those in need and to maintain the wellness of our community.

The total cost for all the damage done by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have reached over $200 billion according to director strategy for IBM’s global business services, Paul Walsh. He states that these storms serve as “a wake-up call in terms of the way we develop our communities going forward, especially along the coastal areas.” After all of the homes and buildings destroyed by the winds and floods from the hurricanes, cities and contractors are beginning to realize that structures need to be more resistant to the storms that they can encounter. Considering all the costs it will take to rebuild what the hurricanes torn down, it will pay off to be prepared with stronger buildings now for the future when the next major storm hits.

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