First grader Drystan Aldama, puts his head down during class at Horace Cureton Elementary School in San Jose, Calif., on Friday, Sept. 1, 2017. Currently about half of the classrooms at the school do not have air conditioning and on a hot day like today, plenty of cold water was handed out to students and staff and fans were going full blast in rooms without air conditioning to keep the kids as cool as possible. (Dan Honda/Bay Area News Group)

Bay Area heatwave smashes all-time record; Raises questions for air conditioning at NDNU by Micah Tateishi

With a record breaking heat wave hitting the Bay Area many questions arose around the campus of Notre Dame de Namur, as an epic heat wave that swept through the Bay Area on Friday smashed records including the all-time recorded high in San Francisco. Many students asked why is there no air conditioning in all classrooms and dorms? 

During this five day period temperatures reached as high as 106 degrees.  “This was the highest reading since records were first kept there in 1874,” National Weather Service meteorologist Duane Dykema said Friday afternoon. “That’s the oldest climate station in California. That’s a significant record.” Many other cities set records for the date; San Francisco International’s 104 degrees tied an all-time record; and San Jose’s 108 and Oakland’s 101 set September records. During the weekend Belmont hit highs of 104 degrees. With many classes at NDNU being canceled due to the heat students around campus suffered from this abnormal heat wave. As the heat wave went on throughout the weekend many students found themselves in very uncomfortable conditions.

Three buildings have installed air conditioning students looked for places to go to escape the heat but could not do so. Some students especially in the dorm buildings of Saint Joseph and Julie Billiart found themselves especially affected by the recent heat wave. A resident and Sophomore here at Notre Dame de Namur Sergio Gonzalez said “I would have multiple fans blowing in me in his dorm in Julie Billiart but still wake up in the middle of the night in a full sweat as if I was in a sauna”. Gonzales said that every dorm in his last school had their own heaters and air conditioning. With classes such as math and english in Saint Mary’s and Cuvilly being cancelled due to the heat it made it hard for teachers to teach and students to learn. There are currently no air conditioners in either building so many students felt the heat unbearable and not suitable to learn in.  Senior Alaka’i Freitas said that “Our teacher started her session in Saint Mary’s and within fifteen minutes told us that class was cancelled due to the fact that it was too hot to teach”.

When speaking to Annabelle Bautista director of housing she said to would cost approximately 100,000 dollars to install air conditioning units in all dorms and classrooms but due to the money being put into the restoration of the Ralston Hall Mansion NDNU does not have enough financial funds to install air conditioning throughout the campus. Although there are heaters in every New Hall room on campus there are no air conditioners. Sophomore Tony Andoyan said “I find it weird how every New Hall room has a heater but not air conditioning and that he feels like air conditioning would be an awesome idea”.    

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