Tips on How to Prepare your body Post and Pre workout by Abby Dyer

The three main keys to keeping your body prepared for daily activity in your life is, sleep, hydrating and a proper diet. Many people have different routines to prepare their body, each body reacts different to routines and diets. 
Coach BJ Noble, Director of NDNU soccer, stated that “The best way to recover his body is hydrating!” 
Noble said “ The most important thing is refilling your body with what water percentage you have lost from sweating. Putting back the electrolytes in your body is a key factor in recovery. It is best to drink a green juice with lots of vitamins as well, before you start your work out and never turn to any energy drinks, they will make you crash and burn.”  
Recent studies from Boston University has scientifically proven that stretching before workouts leads to more injures. They recommend instead to do dynamic stretching such as lunges and jumping all before you work out and after you have finished your work out that is the best time to stretch. It will prevent your body from cramping and soreness. 
When your body does cramp up it is recommended to chow down on a banana. Bananas are rich in vitamin B6 and potassium. 
This will fuel your body with the right nutrients it needs to recover. 
Junior, Ari Cunha, NDNU Womens basketball and soccer player shared a little tip on how she gets motivated and prepared for workouts. 
Cunha said, “Theres nothing like the pre work out jams to get you in the mood, they really pump me up.” 
Cunha headed to mention her go to song is, “If you let me, by Sinead Harnett.”
After a workout it is very important to fill your body with the right nutrients. Fruits and veggies will recharge your body and help you recovery faster.
You should never turn to greasy food right after a work out or right before. It will cause fatigue and will not allow you to perform to your full ability. 
The night before workouts you should fill your body with protein and somewhat a little carbohydrates. Many people think you should cut all carbs out, but your body needs carbs to act to its best capability when working out if its on a regular base, it is the fuel for your workout. 
According to Mark McManus from (Body Building Nutrition Post) is a strong believer “That taking in carbohydrates in the pre and post workout period has long seen as an, essential component of your muscle recovery and building regimen.” 
Your body stores the carbohydrates in the glycogen in your skeletal muscle which is broken down in sugars that are needed because the muscles rely more on fast burning carbohydrates. 
This intake should only be consume when your exercise is high intensity. Always give your food time to digest before a workout. 
It is recommend by Chris Dinesen Rogers, from Live-strong, to give your body at least two hours before you begin your workout. 
Head Athletic Trainer of NDNU, Anthony Camarago said “I can’t stress enough how important it is to roll out your body and get treatment, such as heating before a workout and icing after. If you feel sore or tight, that can make a huge difference in your recovery time and it helps prevent less injuries.”
With the right preparation and recovery, your body will thank you and help you perform to it’s full capability. 

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