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Athletic Gymnasium worth the money paid? by Caleb Keohokapu

Notre Dame De Namur athletic gymnasium was built for all the athletes and students that attend to this university. But there have been many complaints about the gym and how the use of the gymnasium was not accommodating to the students and athletes.

Jason Yuson a senior says “For the past 3 years there have always been problems with the use of the athletic gym, due to the lack of use of the gym I got out of my way to buy a membership at 24 Hour Fitness. So now I am spending way more money than I should be, I am very disappointed that the gym is always closed at random times.

A student athlete Naia Graham who plays on the soccer team shared his thoughts about the athletic gym. He said “Even though I am a athlete I understand that it is frustrating to students and other athletes who could never get their workout in or be able to use the gymnasium like we do. But we also sometimes get frustrated to when especially I could not get my workout in either.”

Zach Herr a junior also had complaints about the athletic gymnasium and how he would never have enough time to finish his workouts. “When the gym is closed during the day and finally the gym is open at night but then I would get interrupted by public safety and they had to shut down my workout because they have to close the gym. Even though there is a lot of people in the gym working out they still have to close it and everyone of us could never finish our workouts.”

Notre Dame De Namur athletic gymnasium has been frowned upon by students and with all the complaints that they have made about the gymnasium about the use and hours of the gym. Also about how the staff of the gym haven’t been stepping up to figure out why the gym always close at random times. There are students that are trying to do their workouts around their schedule and it really doesn’t help when the gym is closed.

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