The Trembling City by Almaha Aldosari


A series of serious tremors are threatening the lifestyles of the residents of Mexico City and their persistence seem to make the city dangerous to reside.

On Saturday 23rd September 2017, a earthquake with a measure of 6.1 magnitude was reported in Oaxaca State which is 25 miles away from Mexico City. Despite the distance, many buildings in the Mexico City could be seen shaking as the effects of an earlier 7.1 earthquake on Tuesday the same week were still alive. While the city is still grappling with the effects of two other tremors, the occurrence of another incident brings the city close to a humanitarian crisis.

The earlier quakes were close to the city and had devastating effects on structures within the city. With the rescue wok still ongoing, the occurrence of other tremors leaves the residents of the city frightened and worried about what could happen next. According to the United States Geological Survey, the tremors which have been had in recent times are aftershocks of the previous quake and they might be expected to continue into the coming dayThis makes the engineering structures within the city highly vulnerable to potential damages.

The residents of the city are still recovering from the loss of lives and the devastating damages suffered from the previous quakes. Many of them are yet to come to terms with the warnings of the geological departments of potential tremors. According to an article published in the Washington post, many individuals within the city are worried and live in constant fear of what might happen next. This was despite the humanitarian assistance that was offered by different agencies, while other bodies came in to help recover those who had not been found yet..

“Several disaster alert measures had been put in place so as to help the people”, said Erick Mora- Hernandez. referring to the siren that had been installed as a warning measure.  He adds that several of his colleagues had lost their relatives.

Jack Farnandez., one of those who happened to have a relative in Mexico who had escaped the incident said that the incident left a lot to be learned as far as disaster preparedness is concerned. The high number of people who were affected could not have been seen in an event where the necessary measures would have been put in place. With many of the destroyed buildings having been apartment blocks, thousands of the city dwellers have been rendered homeless. The still standing buildings cannot be trusted to withstand another impact and this has continued to increase the fear and worry among the people.

The destruction suffered in the city remains huge and humanitarian crisis real, as many families have lost friends and relatives as well as their residence. Humanitarian organizations and well-wishers have been working hard making contributions in the form of medical relief, hot meals and temporary shelters to assists the individuals. Despite the assistance being provided by different organizations, the psychological implications among the people are still present with a large proportion of the population being affected directly or indirectly and in constant fear of another tremor.

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