Weight Room Safety Concerns by Alex Ellifritz


The NDNU weight room was built in 2000. It has had slight modifications over the years in 2005, 2008, and 2013. The age and used equipment have given rise to safety and usability issues. NDNU’s weight room is approximately 10 x 20 square feet, allowing around 10 to 12 people workout in their safely and comfortably. Recently, there have been a couple restrictions added to the weight rooms policies this year such as weights being locked up, and not being able to lift at certain times.

When NDNU established its weight room in 2003 the athletic coaches rounded up equipment from yard sales and put it into the old dance room. The EZ bars (which are used for curls, skull crushers, etc) have started to break apart, the barbells have become rusty, and the dumbbells have started to go missing, it’s almost as if the room is not even cared for. Sophomore Abe Nevin, said “while I was in the weight room hitting curls, one end of the EZ bar slid off with the weight on it which landed on my toe. This left me with a minor injury for a couple days.” This leaves to question, is the weight room safe?

The 10 x 20 weight room is almost the size of a big bedroom, a small classroom, or about the size of an averaged sized locker room. Athletic teams have certain times throughout the day where they will be in the weight room getting a team workout in. Each sports team is made up of about approximately 20-30 athletes. Sophomore Brandy Hernandez said, “it’s hard to be in the weight room at the same time as a sports team because it’s too cramped and they use most of the equipment in there, making it hard to get anything done.” Hernandez also said that with the weight room being so small and with the team lifts jamming up the weight room. I am nervous for my safety because there are so many people in one small space lifting heavy weights with equipment that is old and has a chance of falling apart or hurting someone.”

Recently any dumbbells 30 lbs and under have been locked up by the lifting coach, Mike Barbot. Barbot said he, “locked them up due to dumbbells being stolen and due to no one putting their weights back once they’re done.” The rule for the locked up dumbbells are you must be an athlete of the school in order to get them unlocked for you, and if you are an athlete you have to ask a sports team coach on campus to come and unlock them. Coach Babort stated that when he was first hired at NDNU in 2016 he, “noticed the weight room was a bit outdated.” Mike took the job because he “saw potential in the weight room,” and has already started updating it. Josh Doody said it would be around $10,000 to $50,000 to fully upgrade the weight room. Right now, Doody has only given the okay to Coach Barbot to bring in whatever new equipment he finds fit to making the weight room a better training environment for athletes of the school.

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