Foul Ball in MLB game hits Toddler by Jared Ortiz

In a recent incident on September 21st, 2017 in New York a toddler was struck in the head with a baseball at Yankee Stadium. Many were questioning how and why this happened, but it was just a freak accident that no one wishes to happen to anyone.

Due to this recent event professional baseball teams from all around the country have started to draw up plans to put safety nets all around the park so incidents like this wont happen again. Both fans and players were disgusted with what happened and soon began to talk about how there should be safety nets everywhere around the stadium no matter where you are sitting at. Because when a baseball is coming at you 100 MPH you have no time to react.

Here at NDNU there has been no incident like this recorded because the softball fields are gated off where fans do not have access to. The spectators usually sit behind home plate or near the benches where there are gates provided protecting them from any foul balls.

Sergio Gonzales Notre Dame de Namur Sophomore was sad to see this happen to such a young person because he is an avid sports watcher and likes to watch baseball and when talking about this certain topic with him he said I am sick to my stomach because this is the type of thing that can be prevented. Gonzales also went on to sayI am glad to see something finally being done, but it came too late and paid too big of a price for something to not have been dealt with earlier. This is a very sensitive topic that should have been dealt with yeas ago and it is a shame that it has come to this point for Major League teams to finally step up and do something about an ongoing incident that has been happening around the MLB for years on end.

Many students around Notre Dame de Namur University  have were surprised about what had happened especially Sophomore Adam Lopez because he and his family are baseball lovers and are horrified to see something like this happen. When asked about this Lopez said This is the type of accident that happens almost every day at ballparks but goes unnoticed until someone really gets injured for owners to actually take action for these sorts of things , it is a shame that this had to happen for something to change.

People should care about this recent incident because it can happen anywhere at any given time, no one is really safe when attending a baseball game. At baseball games there are always flying baseballs and commotion everywhere but in a blink of an eye a ball could be coming at you without even noticing.

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