“What’s going on with the wi-fi?” by Noelli De La Cruz

After six weeks into the semester, NDNU students continue to have issues accessing the internet on campus. This has been affecting student’s performance in school.

Since the first day that students moved in into their dorms, they had trouble connecting their personal computers to the wireless internet offered at campus. There are three areas on campus that have desktop computers for students to use that do not have issues connecting to the wi-fi- the library and the two computer labs in St.Mary’s. However, there is not enough desktop computers for everyone. So when students want to use their computers or smartphones, they find themselves having issues connecting to the internet.

“The wifi is so unpredictable… you don’t know when it’s going to go out,” said senior Ja’Von Young.

On the weekend of September 9 and 10, the whole campus wi-fi crashed. Students couldn’t find a way to complete their work when the computer labs and the library were closed. It is making it difficult for students to do their work when they need access to the internet.

“One day I came back from work and there wasn’t internet. The library was closed, so I couldn’t do work at all,” said senior Cecilia Nah.

“I have papers due and I can’t always complete the assignments or turn it in time because the wi-fi is down. I am unable to receive emails from professors. With the wifi being down I feel unprepared,” said Young.

Many students are feeling angry that they are paying a heavy amount for tuition, and they are not receiving the best services. This year students are paying up to 52,000 dollars for the 2017-2018 school year. Last year, the school started charging students extra fees per unit, so they could get better wifi. Yet they are not seeing any improvements.

So what’s going on?

OIT director Marle Mason at NDNU said that the first several weeks of the fall semester they had increased wireless traffic that overtaxed their existing networks. Thus, students were experiencing slow wireless and sometimes they could not log-in to the wireless.

He also mentioned that last week OIT activated a separate wireless network, and has only moved seven buildings to that wireless which are the NDNU Library, New Hall, St. Joseph’s Hall, Taube Hall, Kane, Wilke, and the Cafeteria.

“Moving all buildings to the new network will take more time; we want to do that before the spring term” said Mason.

For now, if students or staff have any trouble logging into the wi-fi, they should contact the OIT Help Desk at or 650-508-3555, so that can help assist them.

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