Call To Action Day by Abby Dyer

Call to Action Day took place this year on Tuesday October 10, 2017 at Notre Dame de Namur. It is a day where Notre Dame de Namur leaves the classroom and students, staff and faculty come together to participate in community service around Belmont or other locations in the Bay Area.

Carter Bishop, NDNU Junior said “Many Universities just teach information from lecture halls but they don’t send their students out into the real world. By going out and doing community service and real life experiences will help us now and years to come. NDNU is taking college learning to a new level.”

Call to Action gives the opportunity for NDNU to learn through community service projects such as recreational park clean-ups, serving meals with local hunger relief organizations, hands on learn with elementary school students and many more. This

provides an opportunity to apply academic learning to real human needs.

Lindsay Denton, NDNU Senior and Student body President said “It is specifically organized by the Sister Dorothy Stang center and Bonner Leaders. Although It is a group effort through out the University, and there isn’t one demographic at our University that doesn’t engage.”

Call to Action brings the NDNU community together, uniting people from diverse backgrounds to work towards a common goal.

Cheryl Chou, former NDNU Alumni said, “not only does NDNU have Call to Action but as well as requirements to take like freshman seminar. The purpose is coming together as one community and reflecting on the engagement we came together for. To have this it is all set up by NDNUs Dorothy Stang center. They given a budget to follow by and list of things around the community that needs to be focused on.”

NDNU Mens and Women Soccer team took action at Ole Donnell park in Belmont. There the city provided them with gloves, shovel and a variety of different plants. They started at nine o’clock and ended a 2 o’clock. They planted plants for the park, picked up trash, watered and laid down fresh bark. At the end of the day, they transformed the park where now Belmont citizens can forever enjoy.

NDNU takes pride in core values and the seven Hallmarks to follow by. Number four of NDNU Hallmarks is, “We commit ourselves to community service.” Denton also mentioned,“ Call to Action is essential because it is in the hallmarks of the school, it is the code in which we operate by.”

Not only does NDNU focus on the Hallmarks but specifically it focuses on Environmental Justice, Social Justice, and of course Community engagement. Call to Action teaches NDNU students, faculty, and staff members to respect NDNUs principles and life long commitments to help and serve. Alec Heiner , Graduate Student and current worker at NDNU Dorothy Stang Center said “ The reason for Call to action is that NDNU takes a day and dedicates it to others, it gives us a life long aspiration in wanting to help and do better throughout communities.”

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