NDNU Fraternities or Sororities, A Future Reality or Not? by Cynthia Rinaldo

Notre Dame de Namur University does not have fraternities or sororities on campus, but there are some students who say they are part of a chapter, NDNU refuses to identify them as a club.

Sororities and fraternities are popular in universities all over the country, so why doesn’t NDNU recognize them?

Dean of Students Marsh-Allen Smith mentioned, “that this institution is too small to have a Greek life and because it is too small it would be difficult to include anyone who wants to be a part of it, and that would go against the NDNU hallmarks.”

These social organizations are student run. They are not created by the school but by students who would have to propose to the school and the club headquarters about initiating a chapter at their university. After the chapter headquarters has accepted the proposal, the students would then make sure the university recognizes them.

NDNU senior Yocelyn Mendoza a Communications major said, “I am a sister of Lambba Sigma Gamma. We are a multi-cultural sorority but the school does not allow Greek life because the school is Catholic and it goes against its hallmarks.”

Mendoza expressed her disappointment in why she and her sisters are unable to affiliate their chapter with the school, “personally I think its unfortunate because we are a multi-cultural sorority so we don’t target a specific ethnicity, culture, or sexuality, doesn’t matter who you are we will never exclude anyone. Originally we were a club called, Sisters for Change, once we officially got established as a sorority the school found out and took our club away.”

Even though the school does not recognize them, members would still wear their Greek letters.

“Since then we no longer affiliate our sorority with NDNU,” said Mendoza. Even though Mendoza and her sisters have tried they have not been able to get through to the school.

A well-developed Greek life culture can help NDNU attract more potential students, especially those who have been anticipating this type of culture at universities. Moreover, fraternities and sororities NDNU can benefit by fundraisers for meaningful causes, which in turn create a caring community among students.

Mendoza said, “we give back to the community, campus clean ups, food drives, we are also part of national events where you gain leadership skills.”

NDNU offers some educational Greek life clubs such as Alpha Mu Gamma (language honor society), Delta Epsilon Sigma (Catholic scholastic honor society), Delta Mu Delta, (business administration honor society), Lambda Pi Eta (communication honor society), and Phi Alpha Delta (law fraternity) not any special frats or sorority.

In the “A Guidebook for Student Organizations” on the NDNU website it is possible to have Sororities and Fraternities if guidelines are properly followed.

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