NDNU Theater hosts Ravenscroft throughout October by Diego Acuna Ortega

The Department of Theatre and Dance will be performing their latest production, Ravenscroft, a gothic thriller by Don Nigro at the NDNU Theater. There will be multiple performances of the play throughout October 13 – 21, along with special events for each performance.

Four current NDNU theater students will be performing at the play: Treci Fields, Andrea Rosewicz, Tatiana Ochoa, and Ariana Sanchez. Also performing will be school alumni Seamus Donohoe, as well as an appearance by the local actress Abigail Warren. They will be directed by Professor R. Dutch Fritz, and will have Juan Pascual as the stage manager for the production.

Director Fritz, who has been directing and working in other local plays for many years, jumped through several hurdles to pull everything together to make the play happen, including finding the necessary male and female actors. “The outlook for success was grim to say the least,” said Fritz. After a “two week scramble and networking blitz I was able to find… Seamus Donohoe [who] turned out to be made for the part.”

Ravenscroft is one of the Halloween-themed events being held this October by the school. “We want to provide fun and engaging activities that tie into the spirit of the season and give NDNU students something a little different” said Director Fritz. As a murder mystery play, Ravenscroft adds to the NDNU Halloween spirit.

“I haven’t seen a murder mystery or really watch plays in general,” said junior Karl Fernando who attended the October 14 show. “But I enjoyed the play, and they should have more of these events like this because it’s very entertaining and in the Halloween Spirit.”

The performances will also have numerous special events to go along with the productions. Some of these events include a post-performance reception on opening night, a horror movie festival after the October 14th performance and a steampunk/victorian/goth costume contest after the October 20th performance. There will also be raffles rewarding gift cards to people who attend each night. “The events are intended as incentives to draw in audience, especially those who might otherwise not come to a live theatre performance,” said Director Fritz about these accompanying events.

The thriller’s plot focuses on a detective called Inspector Ruffing who comes to investigate the death of Patrick Roarke, who fell to his death in theRavenscroft home staircase. In this home he finds five distinct women, each with their own unique personality and their own version of how Patrick died. This murder mystery takes Ruffing and the audience on a thrilling ride to find exactly what happened at the Ravenscroft home and who is responsible for Roarke’s murder.

After the finale of Ravenscroft, Director Fritz will be working along with others for two other productions in the spring, and will continue to work on his own script that he has been preparing based on the character Renfield from Dracula as well as working at other local theaters.

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