NDNU Career Services, Sister Dorothy Stang Center, and the Office of Spirituality are holding their annual Internship and Community Engagement Fair on Tuesday, October 17 in St. Joe’s Patio and Lounge.

On Tuesday from 2:30-5:00pm, there will be a fair offering students information on internships, volunteer, and summer opportunities.

There are 32 participating organizations that are offering internships or volunteers positions. Some of them include The Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula, Marine Science Institute, Reading Partners, and Notre Dame AmeriCorps.

About 100 students attend the fair each year and it has been a great opportunity for students to network with many organizations, explore career options, and put themselves at the front line of people waiting to get interviews with specific employers.

“Even if a student isn’t currently looking to intern or volunteer, it’s a good way to gather information and practice introducing yourself to recruiters,” said director of Career Services Carrie McKnight.

There has been many occasions where students get hired at their internship or volunteer sites after they graduate. For instance, they have gotten jobs with the City of Belmont, Gatepath, Enterprise, Farmers Insurance, Boys & Girls Club, Kumaran Systems Inc., Service League of San Mateo, LiveMoves, and Sustainable San Mateo County.

“I have hired one intern full time after her internship was complete. My [current] marketing manager… was my most recent intern and she continued to do the same tasks that we had set up for her, she’s worked out great and is continuing on with her MBA while working at the agency,” said owner of Farmers Insurance Agency Kelly Corwell Cansler.

Also, a couple of the organizations that students were apart for Call to Action will have a table at the fair for students to get more information about the organization and how they can be involved.

Before attending this fair, NDNU Career Services suggest that you have a polished resume; make sure it’s current and relevant. Also, find out what organizations are attending and prepare questions for them. It is important to prepare and practice your introductions that encapsulates who you are, your experiences and accomplishments, and what are you looking for.
“Most students come unprepared, and if they do that for an internship, they will show through for their future employment. Show up with your goals, your intentions and confidence that you need to get a job or internship to start a career path,” said Corwell Cansler.

In addition, at the time of the fair they suggest to dress professionally and bring several copies of your resume.

“I think dressing professionally is important… because you want to put forth your best self when you’re looking for a job. Being put together shows respect, not only for your potential employer, but also for yourself,” said manager of the high school programs at the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula, Ariel Ajagu.

When talking to the recruiters be honest, friendly, authentic, and smile. Don’t forget to ask recruiters what the best way to follow up with them.

Lastly, after the fair is over it is recommended to follow up with the recruiters with a thank-you note and how you hope to hear from them soon. If they said it was appropriate, call or email within a week. Keep a few weeks open for interviews.

Not only will the fair provide students with information about ways they can get an internship or volunteer, but they will also have a nacho bar for students to enjoy. If you need help with resume assistance or how to prepare for the fair, you can make an appointment with Career Services through or 650-508-3492.

Professional Football Player Gets Restrained Due to the Color of his skin by Caleb Keohokapu

michael bennett

            Las Vegas cops threatened to “blow my f****** head off” according to Michael Bennett Seattle Seahawks defensive end.

On August 26th, 2017 Michael Bennett was present at the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor right and he supposedly heard apparent gunshots so he flew the scene to safety but the “police pinned me down with excessive force, pointed a gun at me while threatening to blow my head off, and then detained me in a vehicle for what felt like an eternity,” said Bennett. Also Bennett shared “Las Vegas officers singled me out, and pointed their guns at me for doing nothing more than simply being a black man in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Transfer sophomore Joe Romero said, “I feel really discriminated because I am also black and I know that black people get a different treatment than white people and I felt the pain that Michael Bennett was going through. I believe if it was a white person in that situation he wouldn’t have been abused like how Michael Bennett was detained. This only shows that there is never going to be equality and racism will always be a continual problem in our society today.”

Steven Jordan, a transfer sophomore, shared his thoughts about this situation, “I believe this world will never achieve world peace. There is always going to have discrimination throughout this world and after being notified about this it just hurts to see the innocent get charged for nothing.”

Sophomore Joseph Condry was informed about this incident and shared his thoughts about it. “Racism and Racial profiling is still apparent in 2017 even though everything that has happened in the past years. Michael Bennett is one of the nicest person out there I am so hurt that the cops would treat him this way.”

Shaina Acosta a junior came across this news even and openly shared what she has thought about this event. “I believe that this is demoralizing and it hurts to see that Michael Bennett a innocent bystander gets aggressively detained by cops because of the color of his skin.”

In response to the incident Las Vegas police department said, “That they were responding to reports of a shooter at a casino at the time of Bennett’s arrest.” Clark County undersheriff Kevin McMahill said Bennett didn’t stop when officers saw him running away from the casino. McMahill added internal affairs investigators are reviewing video footage to determine exactly what happened. Also McMahill said, “I can tell you as I stand here today, I see no evidence of that. I see no evidence that race was a factor in this incident,” adding that officers helped and passed many people who were racial minorities.

Colin Kaepernick the Quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers said, “This violation that happened against my Brother Michael Bennett is disgusting and unjust. I stand with Michael and I stand with the people.” He believes that what they are doing is wrong and he will stand and fight for what they believe in and what the cops did was wrong.

Tips on How to Prepare your body Post and Pre workout by Abby Dyer

The three main keys to keeping your body prepared for daily activity in your life is, sleep, hydrating and a proper diet. Many people have different routines to prepare their body, each body reacts different to routines and diets. 
Coach BJ Noble, Director of NDNU soccer, stated that “The best way to recover his body is hydrating!” 
Noble said “ The most important thing is refilling your body with what water percentage you have lost from sweating. Putting back the electrolytes in your body is a key factor in recovery. It is best to drink a green juice with lots of vitamins as well, before you start your work out and never turn to any energy drinks, they will make you crash and burn.”  
Recent studies from Boston University has scientifically proven that stretching before workouts leads to more injures. They recommend instead to do dynamic stretching such as lunges and jumping all before you work out and after you have finished your work out that is the best time to stretch. It will prevent your body from cramping and soreness. 
When your body does cramp up it is recommended to chow down on a banana. Bananas are rich in vitamin B6 and potassium. 
This will fuel your body with the right nutrients it needs to recover. 
Junior, Ari Cunha, NDNU Womens basketball and soccer player shared a little tip on how she gets motivated and prepared for workouts. 
Cunha said, “Theres nothing like the pre work out jams to get you in the mood, they really pump me up.” 
Cunha headed to mention her go to song is, “If you let me, by Sinead Harnett.”
After a workout it is very important to fill your body with the right nutrients. Fruits and veggies will recharge your body and help you recovery faster.
You should never turn to greasy food right after a work out or right before. It will cause fatigue and will not allow you to perform to your full ability. 
The night before workouts you should fill your body with protein and somewhat a little carbohydrates. Many people think you should cut all carbs out, but your body needs carbs to act to its best capability when working out if its on a regular base, it is the fuel for your workout. 
According to Mark McManus from (Body Building Nutrition Post) is a strong believer “That taking in carbohydrates in the pre and post workout period has long seen as an, essential component of your muscle recovery and building regimen.” 
Your body stores the carbohydrates in the glycogen in your skeletal muscle which is broken down in sugars that are needed because the muscles rely more on fast burning carbohydrates. 
This intake should only be consume when your exercise is high intensity. Always give your food time to digest before a workout. 
It is recommend by Chris Dinesen Rogers, from Live-strong, to give your body at least two hours before you begin your workout. 
Head Athletic Trainer of NDNU, Anthony Camarago said “I can’t stress enough how important it is to roll out your body and get treatment, such as heating before a workout and icing after. If you feel sore or tight, that can make a huge difference in your recovery time and it helps prevent less injuries.”
With the right preparation and recovery, your body will thank you and help you perform to it’s full capability. 

Bay Area heatwave smashes all-time record; Raises questions for air conditioning at NDNU by Micah Tateishi

With a record breaking heat wave hitting the Bay Area many questions arose around the campus of Notre Dame de Namur, as an epic heat wave that swept through the Bay Area on Friday smashed records including the all-time recorded high in San Francisco. Many students asked why is there no air conditioning in all classrooms and dorms? 

During this five day period temperatures reached as high as 106 degrees.  “This was the highest reading since records were first kept there in 1874,” National Weather Service meteorologist Duane Dykema said Friday afternoon. “That’s the oldest climate station in California. That’s a significant record.” Many other cities set records for the date; San Francisco International’s 104 degrees tied an all-time record; and San Jose’s 108 and Oakland’s 101 set September records. During the weekend Belmont hit highs of 104 degrees. With many classes at NDNU being canceled due to the heat students around campus suffered from this abnormal heat wave. As the heat wave went on throughout the weekend many students found themselves in very uncomfortable conditions.

Three buildings have installed air conditioning students looked for places to go to escape the heat but could not do so. Some students especially in the dorm buildings of Saint Joseph and Julie Billiart found themselves especially affected by the recent heat wave. A resident and Sophomore here at Notre Dame de Namur Sergio Gonzalez said “I would have multiple fans blowing in me in his dorm in Julie Billiart but still wake up in the middle of the night in a full sweat as if I was in a sauna”. Gonzales said that every dorm in his last school had their own heaters and air conditioning. With classes such as math and english in Saint Mary’s and Cuvilly being cancelled due to the heat it made it hard for teachers to teach and students to learn. There are currently no air conditioners in either building so many students felt the heat unbearable and not suitable to learn in.  Senior Alaka’i Freitas said that “Our teacher started her session in Saint Mary’s and within fifteen minutes told us that class was cancelled due to the fact that it was too hot to teach”.

When speaking to Annabelle Bautista director of housing she said to would cost approximately 100,000 dollars to install air conditioning units in all dorms and classrooms but due to the money being put into the restoration of the Ralston Hall Mansion NDNU does not have enough financial funds to install air conditioning throughout the campus. Although there are heaters in every New Hall room on campus there are no air conditioners. Sophomore Tony Andoyan said “I find it weird how every New Hall room has a heater but not air conditioning and that he feels like air conditioning would be an awesome idea”.