Students are proud of NDNU by Almaha Aldosari

Experiences of Students from (NDNU) When Serving Meals during Call to Action Day

Call to action day is an activity where students from NDNU collaborate with other organization to provide various services to the community rather than attending classes.

Activities are planned in different locations such as San Bruno Mountain which is located in Brisbane and the time of visit was from 8:30 to 2 pm. Community services are essential as student benefits emotionally and academically. The primary aim of such activities is to ensure that community is a better place for everyone.

Student Alba Faisal actively participated in community services since she joined the university. She noted that she had gained a lot from these activities since she has learned how other people need such services. She shared her experiences at treasure street shelter which is located at Redwood City and time 8:30 to 2:30 pm. Alba Faisal said that she has learned how to respect others and he has developed awareness of healthy life choices. There is need to have more of these events for the sole reason of helping other disadvantaged people in the community. 

Nwaf Alqahtani a student at NDNU also shared his experiences in community services, he said that this was his first time to participate in this great event and these activities helped in expanding the mission of the organization by motivating young people. He was encouraged when the team visited ecumenical hunger program which is located in East Palo Alto by 10-3pm.The event helped in the cultivation of new generation, creates new partnership, increased public support and visibility in the community and generates new ideas, energy and enthusiasm.

Jenan Alawami was not left out in this exceptional event which has been organized by the university in community service. Academic learning can be significantly improved through service-learning. She shared his experience at O’Donnell Part which is located at Belmont by 9-2pm, and she suggested that there is need to have more of these activities. Community services can help to promote a sense of connectedness to the university and the community.

The activity which was conducted at Second Harvest food bank which is located in San Carlos by 8:30-3pm also gives much insight into community service. Students noticed that service-learning provide an opportunity for civic learning as they are provided with the knowledge to continue supporting the society and community as a whole. Additionally, community service gives the organization a better reputation as the community view the university as resources but not a problem. Similarly, such events help to develop a positive relationship with the community, and a new generation is created as a result.

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