Economical hope for Houston- World Series Champions Astros by Abby Dyer 

Through wins, losses, cheers and tears, the Astros gave hope to Houston. This World Series will bring in new hope and economic support for the Houston tragedy that just took place a month ago. From the hurricane wiping out the city, Houston has an extra reason to celebrate the Astros’ presence in the World Series.The baseball team were still focused on their goal while empathizing of the losses of lives and homes. 

NDNU Softball Player, Senior Taylor Haynes said “I have a lot of family in Texas that were affected by the Hurricane, I think that this support from the team is making huge impact in the community. Its always nice to see a community get their spirits lifted.”

Many Astro player shave given back to the community such as Pitcher Lance McCullers, who has a soft spot for dogs, visited an animal shelter and worked with local charities to help rescue and treat pets in the aftermath of the flooding. Dallas Keuchel met with local police, and Carlos Correa distributed mattresses to children. Justin Verlander donated $100,000, as gift that was matched by the team, to military veterans displaced by the hurricane, and contributed $30,000 and thousands more in shoes and athletic gear through his promotional agreement with New Balance. 

With only three home games, it will generate an estimated $20 million to 30 million in economic spending. Not to mention the gear such as hats and jersey will help bring in revenue. 

Joe Musgrove, Reliever for the Astros stated “We play for the city, and you start to fall in love with the fans. We’re giving them something to be proud of, and you can see how we’ve been a centerpiece for the city to rally around. The special year we’re having will be that much more special if we can bring back a championship. Because this is one of the reasons why we are here, we want to win the World Series and give it to our city.”

NDNU Mens Soccer, Senior, Chandler Alo said, “ I think that sport actives brings people together and with this horrible destruction in Houston it’s exactly what the community needed to come together. I hope the Astros win so Houston gets some hope back into their community. It would be a good thing to see.”

Throughout this time Astros have played through this tragedy and represented the hopes and dreams and given people a ray of sunshine during a tough time in the Houston community.

According to baseball statistics, the World Series winning team will get to take home 36% of the money that goes into the “players pool” of playoff revenue. Typically, players are fairly generous when it comes to sharing that revenue with anybody who played on the team that year, and they can also give some of the money to other figures, like ball boys or clubhouse workers they feel are particularly deserving, plus on top of that they will donate it back to the Houston community.

Assuming that this year’s playoff pool rivals last year’s record $69.8 million and this is a safe assumption given that big-market teams which the LA Dodgers are categorized as one will help Astros revenue bring in higher amounts. 

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