Is NDNU Football Possible? by Cynthia Rinaldo

With the hopes of attracting new students to Notre Dame de Namur University, the lack of a football team could make the school less attractive to certain potential students.

According to ESPN, football is the most popular sport in America. Having an NDNU football team would attract many fans and spread word of the small private university in Belmont. As the most loved sport in this country, could football elevate the morale and spirit of the student body? Could having a football team at NDNU raise money?

Stephanie Gomez a junior at NDNU who lives on campus stated, “NDNU would benefit from having a football team; I think we would still have a cheerleading team if we still had a football team. The cheerleading team did not have enough people wanting to participate and the ones that did were not taken seriously.”

Gomez expressed, “The cheerleading team was student run so no faculty were involved. People stopped showing up to practices. A football team would attract more students and gain so much revenue from people coming to games and buying tickets. The school used to get money for Ralston Hall Mansion from people renting it out and getting married there. When the school closed it down we lost a lot money.”

NDNU’s campus is 50 acres. While there might not be enough space on campus to have a football field, an agreement to borrow other schools’ football fields is viable. In fact, the NDNU softball team has resorted to borrowing another school’s field for practices and matches. A similar agreement could also benefit an NDNU football team.

Staff member Zack Rogow, Assistant Director of Communications and Media Relations at NDNU mentioned, “This might be too small of a university to field a football team it is a very expensive operation to fund and I don’t think it makes sense for a university of 1700 students.”

Menlo College is a private institution with a total of 765 undergraduate enrollments and a 40-acre campus. Menlo College used to have a football team and they even have a football field.

Scott Kimmelman, the Assistant Athletic Director for Communications at NDNU, stated that, “College football teams have 80-100 athletes, and our campus would struggle to support an additional 100 athletes. We do not have a facility for a football team; the soccer field wouldn’t be big enough. Menlo College got rid of their football team, for similar reasons.”

NDNU does not have the means or resources to support a football team of eighty to a hundred athletes.

“It is tough to support that size of a team on campus and Menlo College actually had a football field. A football team is usually the biggest draw for schools. I don’t know what type of impact a football team would have here, because if we were to play off campus we would need people to travel to the game,” said Kimmelman.

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