Alvarez breaks records in comeback win over Holy Names by Micah Tateishi

The Notre Dame de Namur women volleyball had a thrilling back and forth win against Academy of Art of San Francisco, California last Wednesday and in the process one individual broke the Pacific West record for most kills or points scored in a single career.

Bianca Alvarez of the women Notre Dame de Namur volleyball had a career high and record breaking night for numerous reasons. In a 3-2 set game Alvarez and the lady Argos have improved their record 10-15 overall and a 10-7 record in the Pacific West women’s Volleyball conference and looking for a top six finish this year. With the win over Academy of Art, Alvarez earned a career high 34 kills in one games and falling just short of the school record of 35 kills in one games.

Alvarez came into the game needing 19 kills in order to surpass the Pacific West record of 1,705 career points. After the win against Academy of Arts the lady Argos are now on a five game winning streak and look to earn another victory over Academy of Art this coming Friday.

When speaking to students and faculty of Notre Dame de Namur many were shocked and impressed at such a record being broken. A senior at Notre Dame de Namur, Nick Nuyen said “It is crazy to think that she (Alvarez) could accomplish such a crazy task as breaking the all time record of points scored in a career. I am super happy for her, she is the most humble person I’ve met and for someone of such a high athletic ability to be that humble is very rare. It is really inspiring to see other athletes succeeding” Nuyen said.

Alvarez finished the first set with eight kills despite coming up short in the first set 30-28. The Argo ladies continued to drop the next set thus putting the Argonauts down 2-0 with Alvarez sitting at 12 kills during this time.     

The match took a turn of events in the third set where the Argos won the third game with Alvarez seeming like an unstoppable force. Alvarez finished the third set with seven kills and with this points breaking the all time record of 1,705 kills in a career. The lady Argos then took the fifth set to 15-10 to win the game in five sets.

In the win Alvarez also set a career high and totaled a 27 dig night with an added on four blocks. This is the second consecutive season that Bianca has reached the 500 kill mark for a single season and moved her consecutive double digit kills per game to 60 games in a row. 

During an exclusive interview with Bianca Alvarez, when asked how the season was going, Alvarez said “Overall I thought that it was a very good season. In all four of my years here at NDNU this is the first time that we have had a winning record.”

When asked how Bianca felt about breaking the record she said “I feel very accomplished and honored to be apart of such a great team and do something that no one has done. I could not have done it without my teammates and coaches.”

The women’s volleyball team look to improve their record to 11-7 when they face Holy Names of Oakland next week Friday. The Argos will be hosting a special event during the game against Holy Names celebrating Alvarez recording breaking night by handing out 150 exclusive t-shirts commemorating Bianca and all of her accomplishments.

Many collegiate athletes have aspirations of playing sports after college in either semi-pro or professional sports. When asked if she was planning on playing volleyball after college Alvarez said “I have definitely thought of playing volleyball after college. I Plan on going to either Italy or somewhere in Europe to play volleyball after college.”

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