Harry Potter Festivities and More by Jared Ortiz

Who doesn’t love a little Harry Potter? People here at NDNU love it and are the biggest fans of the movies and most of all the books. Bringing it here to NDNU and incorporating different and fun topics involving underage drinking and its effects. The scheduling of this event was one of the best ideas that the school has had in awhile because it brought in many students who were interested in the event and the festivities, but also learned about interesting facts about how they can stay away from alcohol and its effects.

This event took place November 15th in front of the library where tables that were set up with games, drinks, and food caught everybody’s eye when they walked by. You could tell right away that this was a Harry Potter themed event that was going to be a well liked and enjoyed.

Sophomore, Julio Hernandez said, This was a great event that me and my fellow housing staff members put on together, it had a great turnout and many students across the campus had a fun time with the arts and craft stations we had going on. Without the help of my staff members this event would have been a total disaster.

The festivities included the taste testing of butterbeer, making of wands, creating potions, and finding out which Harry Potter character you best matched up with by taking a short little quiz. Each station had a specific purpose that created awareness for alcohol drinking and other hazardous things you could do to your body. The NDNU housing staff teamed up with fellow Psychology professor Hannah Yanow to help spread the word around about such drugs that can harm your body.

Sophomore, Monika Bernal said, Spreading awareness throughout the NDNU campus is important because it allows us as students to voice our opinions and knowledge about certain topics that can cause harm to oneself and by adding the Harry Potter theme to this event it gave us an easier and more fun way to spread awareness about important subjects.

By teaming up with one of the psychology professors here at NDNU it gave more of a professional insight on certain topics that many people do not find interesting, but at the same time people should be more aware of because underage alcohol drinking is a big problem at many universities and by letting students know about this in an earlier time it can prevent them from going down this road.

Sophomore Joscelyn Pardo stated, Putting together this event was great fun because I got to help setup the events of a movie that I loved watching, even till this day I still watch Harry Potter movies and it puts me in a great mood because it is such a classic that will never get old in my mind.

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