Voci Cast

NDNU Hosts Voci Musical Arts Show at Taube Hall by Diego Acuna Ortega

The Musical Arts department hosted Voci, a musical show with multiple performances from current students, alumni, and faculty on Saturday, November 18 at 7:30 p.m.

The show included the school’s Fall 2017 vocalists and accompanying piano students who we’re the main performers. They come from the Vocal Performance and Repertoire class here in NDNU, and range from freshmen to senior students and alumni. They performed a number of classics that they have been practicing as part of their vocal curriculum. There also were faculty and MFA students in the performance.

Voci was directed and organized by Debra Lambert, chair of the Department of Music and Vocal Arts as well as the Program Director of Musical Theatre. Lambert has done several leading roles and solo performances with even a few televised roles. She has recently been working to organize the event and prepare the students for the show.

The performances consisted of “lots of different kinds of repertoire, from Mozart opera through contemporary Broadway,” said Lambert. She made sure that “the students are prepared and both being challenged with something new, but also doing the work they are ready for.” The songs that they performed for the show will also be the song that they will perform for their final vocal exams for the semester. This show acts as practice for the students to give them experience on performing in front of a real audience.

The students range from beginner to advanced singers. Although some are more experienced than others, all students will be pushing their skills towards new heights and learning from themselves and each other. The performances for the night are organized in a concert fashion, where each student will sign their song chosen for them by their instructors.

The students performing all have a passion for musical and vocal performance. “It’s about doing what I really want to do in life,” said Sophomore Yesenia Castillo, who was one of the students who performed at the show. “Even though it can be terrifying, it becomes worth it because it’s what I want to do.” Music students are held to high standards on vocal performance and knowledge of music theory, which makes the process difficult but rewarding for those who are passionate about music.

When asked about what it’s like training and performing in this field, Freshmen Pixie Ladd-Barrett said, “It’s a balance of comfortable and uncomfortable. Getting through the nerves is tough but doing what I like is what gets me through it.” Several students in the class agreed that it is scary to perform every time, but they are guided by their vocal director and their peers to ensure that they can sing as best as they can.

Lambert and the vocal students will now start preparing for a Christmas concert at the end of the year, and some students will audition for the spring musical, “Into the Woods” in December. Until their next show, Lambert and her students will continue to build their vocal skills and pursue their career in musical entertainment.

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