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New Cultural Course Coming Your Way for Spring Semester! by Noelli De La Cruz

It is time to choose spring semester courses. NDNU marketing released on Monday, October 30th, that the Department of Modern Languages and Culture is offering new classes: African Cinema, Business Culture of France, Business French II, Social Justice in French Literature, Basic Practical French II, Intro Spanish II, and Reel Latin America.

For many students, it is difficult to choose an extracurricular class because they are not sure what they are about.

“I check the portal and the course descriptions have very brief details of the subject matters covered in class… I think they really lack on details since the portal doesn’t feature a full description .

Below are few cultural and language classes with more information about what the class is about and what it will offer.

Dr. Helene Laroche Davis, will be teaching CUL 2400-08 African Cinema, CUL 2135-01 Business Culture of France, and CUL 2140-01 Business French II. Dr. Laroche-Davis is a professor of French and Film studies. She got her MA in Sorbonne, Paris, France and her PhD at Stanford University. She has published many books and articles on French literature and French cinema.

For African Cinema, Dr. Laroche Davis will be using films and discussions in class to study French speaking Sub Saharan African studies, their culture, society, politics and language. Students will study The Negritude Movement, a movement that allowed black writers to declare their cultural identity through French Language. Films that will be watched will by director A.Sissako, a Mauritania film director and producer who has won Cesar Awards for best film and best director, and other Cesar Awards winners such as Gaston Kabore.

 CUL 2135-01 Business of Culture of France Versus the U.S compares and contrast French business with American business. This course prepares students for job search and planning work experience in a French or French American company. The class is also for business students who want to or are going to travel to France or work in a French Environment. Young French CEOs will be coming to the class to speak to the student.

 “ I think it is useful to know what this French class will be about and who it is for. It’s cool that French CEO are coming to present, ” said senior Lizete Segura.

 Professor Janice Quackenbush, will be teaching Intro Spanish II and Reel Latin America. Professor Quackenbush is a professor for Spanish language and Latin American Culture, Literature and Cinema. She studied abroad in Spain and has traveled to many Latin American countries. She also teaches cultural and Spanish language classes at Menlo College.

 SPA 2134 “Reel” Latin America focuses on Latin American countries and their culture. Students will be watching different Latin American films, such as Apocalypto, Christopher Columbus, Frida, Innocent Voices, West Side Story, and presenting on them. Students will have in class discussions about the themes and how the films relate to the Latin American country the film talks about. Students get the chance to share about their cultural background and how they can relate or not to the culture of these countries.

 “I took a Latin American class last semester with Professor Quackenbush and she was very knowledgeable and fun. I learned new things about my own culture and other cultures that I never knew before. Now I have new ideas of where I will be traveling,” said senior Fabiola Malfabon.

Dr. Laroche Davis and Professor Quackenbush have years of experience with cultural and language courses. They welcome everyone who is interested to learn a new language or about different Latin American cultures to join their class.


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