Notre Dame de Namur Thanksgiving by Erick M. Mora-Hernandez

Many NDNU students go back home to spend their Thanksgiving with their families, but there are also many students who stay on campus and spend it with their friends.

It seems like there aren’t really any on campus events through the Thanksgiving break. It might be because many students go home for this holiday, but what is there to do for those who do stay? Some other Universities do food type events for possible dishes to make on Thanksgiving or even decorations.

There are a handful of students who do stay on campus for Thanksgiving because they either choose to stay or they actually can’t go home. Student athletes who are currently in season, don’t get to go home because of games and practice. NDNU’s Basketball team has practice at 8:00am on Thanksgiving day and games on Friday and Saturday.

Many other universities take all of Thanksgiving week off for break rather than just Thanksgiving day and Friday. Some students at NDNU said this is one of the reasons they actually stay on campus, because it’s too expensive to leave on Wednesday after class and come back on Sunday.

A couple of students put together a fundraiser to have a Thanksgiving dinner at Maple Street Shelter in Redwood City. Students and faculty donated some of their own flex meal plans to raise money. They raised over $300 and for the Thanksgiving meals.

“Students organized this and I think it’s pretty powerful because they are dedicating their own time and living out the NDNU hallmarks,” said Diana Enriquez-Field, Director of Spirituality at NDNU.

It also looks like some students that live on NDNU campus have jobs nearby which actually impedes them from leaving for a couple of days. Residents usually either hang out in their rooms over the short break or go out with friends. St. Joseph’s first floor lounge hosts a feast and has decorations for those who do stay on campus.

“I think it’s a time of rest and time to be with those who you care about. I can’t do that this year because I have to stay on campus, but at least I get to sleep,” said Sydney Whynot, RA New Hall.

Commuters from NDNU said they usually just gather with their family and either go visit other family members or have them go their homes. What people do on Thanksgiving day varies from person to person because one student said their family caters to other people which makes their Thanksgiving very tiring. Another student said they gather with their friends and family to have a big feast and play games all night until the next day when everyone leaves.

“I think Thanksgiving is about spending time with loved ones and showing how thankful you are for things like family, friends, food, jobs, and well just life in general,” said Renaeivy Roque, senior at NDNU.

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