Tourism Takes a High-Tech Route, NDNU Follows by Bala Gunaseelan

A new kind of tourism has emerged in Silicon Valley; tourists are flocking campuses of popular tech-giants and robotics-operated restaurants. 
The western coast has always been a hot-spot for tourism, boasting the likes of Disneyland and Hollywood but lately, an interesting new mold of technology-centered places-of-interest are emerging. On top of attractions that have traditionally been peddled by travel agencies, new businesses are playing catch-up to this niche market with hotels and attractions in the same high-tech vein. 
The Facebook and Google campuses are top-priority on the list of tech-tourism; being the pioneer attractions in the new stratum. But there are also some automated eateries that have popped-up in these commercial districts, riding the wave in marvel of modern technology. 
“San Fransisco is actually a great place for different types of people to find their niche and participate in activities together, maybe through Meetup. The hot-pot culture there allows for techies from the city and Silicon Valley to find common interests and mingle”, said Senior Erin Banda.  
Café X is an industrial-sized robotic unit that prepares hot beverages behind a glass stage from inputs into a tablet by customers. Zume Pizza, has taken it one step further and named their robot assistants; ‘Doughbot‘ prepares the crusts while ‘Bruno’ and ‘Martha’ apply toppings and sauce for delivery, during which they are cooked in ovens in their vehicles. 
“I did not know about that! That sounds very interesting. I’ll be sure to check that out” said senior Rene Roque. 
Another android employee works at Calafia Café. ‘Sally the Salad Robot’ prepares salads on demand within a minute. Yelp’Eat24 delivery service in the Mission and Portrero Hills neighborhoods in San Fransisco, as well asDoorDash in Redwood City feature self-driving vehicles that deliver food.  
A hotel in San Fransisco now has a dedicated virtual reality room in its lobby for guests to indulge in the next generation of entertainment experiences. Hotel Zetta’s guests can try their hand at ExitVR, also a San Fransisco entity developing virtual reality equipment. Another hotel, Aloft, has rooms equipped with the Apple HomeKit, allowing guests to operate lights and the thermostat using voice commands. 
There is a virtual reality lab in campus, located at the Campus Center that offers hands-on activities with V.R sets on Fridays. 
“I was surprised at the existence of this facility and the experience truly is astounding. More people need to know about this hidden gem right at the front of our campus” said Freshman Jesus Mendoza. 
Although the subdivision is new, there is ample opportunity for creative businesses to harness this new fad. The city will also be expecting new avenues of revenue from the high-tech craze. 

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