Creative Writers Series Feedback

Notre Dame de Namur offers a number of resources for students so that they may excel in whatever it is they choose to pursue in the future. The English department in particular helps foster not only those majoring in english but any students that show an interest in literature and culture. Creative Writers Series is an opportunity for students to listen and witness, first hand, successful writers who read from their publishings and speak about writing.

Having successful writers gives the students of Notre Dame a type of role model if they plan to continue with their writing passion. In addition, the pieces that are read aloud are pieces that have been through the process of repeated editing and have passed the requirements necessary for the piece to be published and distributed. Freshman english major, Margaret Billingsley attends creative writing series whenever time allows in the hopes that she may one day be a successful writer.

“Hearing the creative writers really inspires me. I want to be in their shoes one day and so, I like to hear whatever advice or any methods they use so that I could improve. I think that it’s important to not lose sight of your goals and going to these helps me with that,” said Billingsley.

Attending the creative writing series also provides incentives for students like freshman Jermaine Monroe who received extra credit after listening to the speakers.

“Even though it was for extra credit, it was one of the first meetings I have went to that was actually interesting. I would recommend for more students to come if they want to be better writers because the writers show you what it takes,”Monroe said.

There are plenty of additional resources on campus that can help with writing. These resources include faculty, the tutoring center, and the writing center. The writing center offers editing and guidance for those that are struggling or those that are attempting to perfect any type of writing assignment.

Events and Activities offered by the English Department:

  • Creative Writers’ Series, featuring well-known writers who read from their works at the Wiegand Gallery
  • The Bohemian readings, when students read their works published in NDNU’s literary magazine, winner of the 2006 California College Media Competition
  • English Department Party, an annual spring gathering of faculty and students
  • Senior Seminar Presentations, when graduating seniors give oral presentations of their theses projects
  • Seminar in Humanities, a week-long summer workshop designed for teachers and future teachers of English
  • Shakespeare in Ashland, a week-long experience of great Shakespeare plays in the company of NDNU English teachers

For further information about these events, contact the English Department at

Margaret Billingsley
Margaret Billingsley cannot help but smile when she is speaking about the creative writing series in her dorm room. Photo credit: Dominique Tarrant

Freshman Margaret Billingley speaks positively about the creative writing series in her dorm in Saint Josephs Hall on March 4, 2015.

Jermaine Monroe
Jermaine Monroe thinks back to his experience with the creative writing series in the library. Photo credit: Dominique Tarrant

Freshman Jermaine Monroe thinks back to his experience with the creative writing series as he begins doing his homework in the NDNU library on March 4, 2015.

Things to Consider this Lenten Season

As February comes to a close, students at Notre Dame de Namur University enter the Lenten season with high hopes and determination. Like many, students take this time of year to reflect and make sacrifices for the next 40 days. Though not everyone is religious, students of all ages and beliefs have taken this opportunity to inspire a time of change. If you have not already set an objective for this Lenten Season, here are a few goals that your fellow NDNU students have pledged:

Less Sugar- While the cafeteria has several healthy options, students often look over the fruit and go straight for the sugar cereal or array of daily donuts. Instead of eating so much sugar, just try substituting one sweet for a piece of fruit of a serving vegetables each day. The cafeteria has fresh fruit and vegetable sticks available daily, and everyone wants their body to look good for Spring Break anyways.

Drop the Fast Food- Even though most fast food places do have some healthy options, it is still very tempting to get “the usual” and ignore the salad or fruit substitutions. Plus, most fast food chains are a little bit of a drive from campus. Save yourself the parking spot and the gas money and just try the healthy options available on campus.

Physical TLC- Lent is not just about giving things up, but also about getting into better habits. Working out is always a great way to relieve stress and keep your body healthy. But maybe working out is not your cup of tea. Easy fix: go on walks on nearby trails like Waterdog Park, located just a few minutes from campus. Or even just get outside and do some physical activity like playing Frisbee or riding a scooter.

Social Media Cleanse- Everyone knows social media can be your best and worst enemy. Imagine a life without worrying who is posting what and stressing about what your #ThrowbackThursday post will be. Lent is the perfect time to put those phones and laptops down and make some real memories that do not require a filter or the perfect caption.

Think Before you Speak- It is 2015 and we are all in college. This is a very small school, as we have come to know very well, and it is about time everyone just grows up. Stop talking bad about people, it is as simple as that. It gets you nowhere and honestly just looks bad on yourself. This Lenten season several people have promised to try and speak words of respect instead of telling lies and spreading rumors. This might possibly be the best pledge people our age can make. Plus, Karma is not such a big fan of gossipers so just make an effort to do yourself a favor and keep it classy NDNU.

All in all, Lent is a time for positive change. You do not need to be religious to transform your way of life, and you surely do not need to limit yourself to just 40 days. Even though the saying has been over used, we really do only have one life. If you want to modify the way you run it, then do it. No one has to know and no one has the right to judge you. Take advantage of the time and youth you have and do not waste a single second.

Sock Style

A sense of style is present when it comes to what kind of socks someone can wear. Everyone has their own style, swagger and preference when it comes to someone’s “sock game” or could have no preference or style. Everyone is different but one NDNU student in perticular, Jacqueline Harper, has her own style and collection of socks. Most people will say that her sock game is “strong” and is definitely one of a kind. Harper has a large array of socks that includes different brands, colors, patterns, materials, you name it. Some of the brands she has are Nike, Oakley, Under Armour, Asics, and list goes on. Her preferred brands are Nike, Oakley, and Stance because of the “designs that they have and the material.” She also has socks are are very colorful, have different patterns on them like stripes, solid colors as well, and even has a few super hero socks which include Spiderman and Superman. Some of the different material socks that she has in her collection are stretchy kinds and one of her favorites which are the fluffy kind. Her sock game seems to be untouchable compared to many. A wide variety of socks not only “makes an outfit” but also gives a person a sense of individuality and also makes a person unique. At any given day you can see Harper rocking an awesome pair of socks.

“Cool socks make you feel coo.”

– Jacqueline Harper


Associated NDNU Students Vice President, Bette Maisel, calls together the Student Senate to discuss club proposals and events on campus on February 24th in Cuvilly 9.

Maisel calls the meeting to order and has the agenda and previous minutes approved. She then calls the Bonner Leader Program representatives to the stand. The Bonner’s are proposing for $1,000 to cover 300 shirts for the 300 students expected to attend Call to Action Day on March 26th. The Bonners stated that the shirts would be fair trade and available for students that are participating in Call To Action in the quad before groups are sent to designated sites. The voting for approval or denial for this proposition will take place next week at the next senate meeting.

Next on the agenda, was the Bonner’s proposal for the Open Book Project taking place on April 21st from 10:30-2:30 in Ralston Hall and the NDNU Library. The Open Book Project provides the opportunity for students and faculty to volunteer to help Bellair Elementary increase the number of books and level of reading for Bellair students. The Bonner’s request $500 to put back into the Bellair Library. This proposal was immediately approved by the student senate.

Upcoming Events and Announcements:

  • Quincy McCary of the NDNU library invites students and faculty to speak on camera expressing their opinions about the library. The video is expected to be 20 minutes long and McCary is seeking 8-12 students.
  • Sophomore Success is offering transportation for the Stanford vs OSU basketball game on Thursday, February 26th. Sign-Ups are available at the Student Life and Leadership Office.

The student senate adjourned at 5:36.

Student Senate Meeting
Vice-President: Bette Maisel in the fair left
Secretary: Megan Sosnick siting center Photo credit: Dominique Tarrant

Secretary of ASNDNU, Megan Sosnick, begins writing the agenda at the Student Senate meeting in Cuvilly 9 on February 24th.

Student Senate Meeting
The senate meets to discuss club proposals and campus events Photo credit: Dominique Tarrant

Members of the student senate gather in Cuvilly 9 as the meeting begins on February 24th.


Studying and preparing for classes is a challenge of its own but now, to add more pressure, midterms are around the corner! Spring Break is almost in our reach and to help ease the stress that comes with midterms, here are the top places that students attest to having a conducive environment for studying.

Location 1: The Library

The NDNU Library is a place where you can find hard at work students catching up on homework or preparing for exams. With books for rent, textbooks to borrow, and ebooks to access, the library provides multiple resources for students. You can be sure to feel focused as there is little noise or other means that could be considered distractions. Sophomore Psychology major, Angelica Perales, gives the library a, ” 10/10 rating for a great place to study.”

Library Schedule

Mon–Thurs: 8 a.m.–11 p.m, Friday: 8 a.m.–4 p.m, Saturday: 9 a.m.–4 p.m., Sunday: Noon – 9 p.m.

Location 2: Quad

Spring time is a time where the sun is shining and students bask in the beauty of Belmont. Believe or not, completing homework outside is not only becoming more popular but it is also one of the top ways to spark creativity. The University of Rochester developed a study in 2010 that found studying outside creates a more positive outlook on the tasks at hand and creates a feeling of happiness. In a time being stressed out, head to the quad for a breath of fresh air and a change in scenery to study or do homework. You will catch more and more students who could potentially be your next study partner!

Location 3: Dorm Room

Although some may think that there are more distractions then helpful studying agents in a dorm room, students like Sophomore communication major Madeline Dub rave about the amount one can achieve focusing in a closed surrounding.

“Studying in my room is not only more convenient but more quiet” Dub said,” not to mention I can get a lot of things done without having the chance of being interrupted by friends or loud music.”

NDNU is full of places to study and excel. For additional help the Tutoring Center and Writing Center are available on campus as well as professors that are eager to aid anyone that seeks help.

Good luck and let the countdown to spring break begin!

(Left) Angelica Perales, Sophomore
(Right) Vernice Rojas, Junior Photo credit: Dominique Tarrant

Angelica Perales and Verenice Rojas gather together in the NDNU Library to prepare for midterms on February 26th.

Studying In Dorms
Madeline Dub Photo credit: Dominique Tarrant

Madeline Dub focuses on her homework in her Newhall room on February 25th.

How Belmont Became Your Home

Making the choice of where to attend college is one of the most important and influential decisions that an individual can make during their young life. There are such a variety of options for individuals when it comes to higher education that it begs the question why did you choose NDNU to be your new home. I have polled a multitude of students (of whom I kept anonymous) to find out the top reasons why Notre Dame De Namur University was the right school for them.

The top three reasons that resulted from this poll were the fact the school was small and classes were easy to get, the high availability of financial aid, and finally, athletics.

The fact small school size and class selection was the most heard statement is not very surprising, especially because the campus is located in California, which has the largest public university system in the country. At most schools around the state classes are hard if not impossible to get, which means students can’t get the classes they need to graduate on time. At a small private school like NDNU classes that are needed are much easier to get and the attention a student receives from their professors is much greater.

Affordability was also not a surprise because being that NDNU is a private school with high tuition most students require financial aid in order to attend. The university makes a valiant effort to give as many scholarship opportunities as possible for those students willing to seek them.

Athletics as a final criteria really helps to sum up why many individuals attend NDNU. The Argonauts sports program is very unique as it offers some sports that many other schools don’t. For example, NDNU boasts the only Division II NCAA men’s lacrosse team in the state of California.

Top 5 Places to Get a Meal Under $10 Near NDNU

College is a time of great personal growth for most individuals, however, it is also usually a time of great financial burden due to the high cost of tuition, books, housing, and food.

Most students at Notre Dame de Namur University have some sort of meal plan through the school’s cafeteria. But the food can get repetitive and boring, which leads to students going off campus to satisfy their hunger. explore what the greater area of Belmont has to offer when it comes to cuisine.

The problem with this is that restaurants in the surrounding area tend to be a little high-priced for most college student’s budgets. However, we’ve found some hidden gems that offer you a great meal for under $10 dollars that are close to campus.

(1) Jersey Joe’s (San Carlos) American

Great family owned sports themed establishment about five minutes from campus.

Favorite Dish: Philly Cheese Steak w/ grilled onions

(2) Amigos Grill (San Mateo) Mexican

The farthest of the selections, but the drive is worth it because they serve authentic Mexican food for a great price.

Favorite Dish: Steak Tacos, Super Burritos, and Churros

(3) Mr. Pickles (Belmont) Sandwiches

Favorite Dish: “The Mr. Pickle” (Chicken Breast, Bacon, Avocado, Melted Monterey Jack)

A local favorite and a great substitute for usual chain sandwich shops such as Subway.

(4) Coyote Grill (Belmont) Mexican

Great Mexican place closer to campus who specialize in burritos.

Favorite Dish: Any burrito

(5) Doc’s Bagels (Belmont)

The perfect spot for your breakfast needs whether you just need a bagel or a full-on meal.

Favorite Dish: Breakfast sandwiches, Assorted Bagels, Specialty Coffee

Any and all of these establishments serve great food of all kinds. Whether you’re in the mood for a hamburger, some food from south of the border, or just a good old sandwich there is a place for you that you can actually afford.