Wiegand Gallery Presents : “The Roots of the Spirit”

The Wiegand Gallery, located at Notre Dame De Namur University, is happy to announce the opening of The Roots Of The Spirit exhibition. The exhibition includes a variety of sculptures, paintings and drawings made by four of the country’s most inspiring Outsider artists: Lonnie Holley, Mr. Imagination, Charlie Lucas and Kevin Sampson.

The Civil Rights Movement and the lack of opportunity and education offered to African Americans influence each of these artists’s work. Each of these artists use of preservation of recycled and free materials while making their art in order to show future generations the beauty and potential of all material.

Martha Henry, Director of the Wiegand Gallery states that, “Their artworks express their African and American culture, their everyday lives, dreams, and aspirations. When we look into the mirror of the black experience we have a better understanding of American culture, values and spirituality. Black artists have played a vital role in distinguishing our culture throughout the world, indeed the black experience is so interwoven into our larger culture that it defines much of what the world perceives today as American.”

The Roots of the Spirit originates back to 2011 when the four artists were invited to be apart of the 54th Venice Biennale, an event put on by the American Folk Art Museum in New York and Benetton in Treviso. Being invited to this, the artists were each given the opportunity to display their artwork in a large exhibition for the world to see at the Fondaco dei Tedschi.

Unfortunately due to an unexpected loss of funding, the invitation was revoked and the incredible opportunity to expose their artwork. Even though these men lost the opportunity to share their work, they have continued to expose their artwork in galleries all over the country.

Martha Henry shares that she, “felt it important to celebrate the achievements of these four who emerged from the depths of personal despair to make valuable contributions to the American visual experience.”

Come check out a variety of artists and their amazing artwork at NDNU’s exhibition of “The Roots of the Spirit” open now until November 26th in the Wiegand Gallery!

For more information or pictures of the exhibit visit the NDNU’s Arts & Events website below: http://www.ndnu.edu/arts-events/wiegand-gallery/roots-of-the-spirit/

NDNU Style Files

For some students on campus, going to class calls for no more effort than a pair of comfy sweats and t-shirts. However, in the spirit of New York Fashion Week kicking off the week of September 8, 2014, we set out on a mission to find the most stylish students walking the halls.

With the start of the new fall semester, September is the perfect time to see which students are ahead of the fall season trends that are sure to be all the rage come Thanksgiving. From old faithfuls such as lace up boots and Chuck Taylors, to new “it” items like boyfriend jeans and Birkenstock sandals, the fashion on campus did not disappoint!

Rosemary Scalabrino, junior business and graphic design major, prefers to express her unique and individual personality through her wardrobe.

“I love staying up to date on trends and always try to recreate what my favorite celebrities wear” Scalabrino said, “I can’t wait to rock the camel color trend all fall!”

Fashion is an important part of some students’ identities and a true way to express themselves on campus and stand out from the crowd.

Lexie, freshman, uses her style savvy to pair trend pieces together to complete a perfect fall look. Photo credit: Mia Ackley
Janine, junior, rocking all black with Doc Marten lace up combat boots shows us that when in doubt, black is always the answer. Photo credit: Mia Ackley
Rosemary, junior, proves Birkenstocks are cool pairing them with boyfriend jeans and oversized sunglasses. Photo credit: Mia Ackley
Hunter, senior, wearing a chambray with Chuck Taylor low top converse shows us how to seamlessly transition from summer to fall. Photo credit: Mia Ackley
Erin, freshman, rocks high top Chuck Taylor converse with skinny jeans showing us how to style classic pieces year round. Photo credit: Mia Ackley
Ali, freshman, looks ready for fall weather in her army green jacket, thick socks and lace up moto boots. Photo credit: Mia Ackley


Know Your Argonauts

With the 2014-15 season up and running the Argonauts Men’s Soccer team is ready to bring a championship home. This year it has been very noticeable that each sports team has recruited quite heavy. With so many new faces on campus, many are wondering where did all these new faces come from?

One of the new faces on the soccer team is Midfield/Forward Joseph Sorensen. Joseph is true freshman from Portland, Oregon.

“Transitioning from my hometown to NDNU was fairly easy, since the community is very welcoming and I am very involved in the community”, Sorensen confidently stated.

Being able to transition from a hometown environment to a college environment is a big thing but being able to transition from high school sports to college sports is a even harder task.

“The transition has been somewhat smooth, though there is definitely a learning curve to overcome. The biggest goal though is to continue to have a very high work ethic when training and in a game.”

With a high work ethic on the field comes a high and constant work ethic off the field. As a Notre Dame de Namur student athlete, all players must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA regardless if their sport is in season or not. When being on a team, it is not only a team but a family who pushes each other to try and surpass their own limitations.

Sorensen plans to receive at least a 3.5 GPA if not higher and his teammates plan to help him succeed and reach his goal. As a business major Joe tries to stay very organized while also trying to eat healthy so he may be refreshed and energized on the field and off the field.

“With such a large variety of food in the café I plan to improve my eating habits, especially at dinner and breakfast.”Sorensen, among trying to improve his eating habits, hopes this will help him make a big contribution to the team this year.


Are You Connected?

Don’t automatically reach for that “lock” button, after checking Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and all the usual apps that you use on your smartphone. Make sure you get into the habit of checking the NDNU app: BeConnected. Download it for free in your App store and make life on campus a little easier.

As stated in the app description, as well as by the maker Kyle Pretsch, the app is meant to make many of the school’s several resources readily and easily available to the the entire NDNU community. Although released last year, not much has changed besides making the app work better with the phone updates, such as IOS. However, it seems that it is getting a bigger buzz this year.

“Last year when it came out not a lot of people knew what it was for or what it could do so it was downloaded and deleted.” says Notre Dame de Namur senior, Fiona Mcvicar.

Now it seems as if everyone is using BeConnected for its various resources.

One of the most used features on the app is the Café Menu. It shows you what is being served that day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Another amazingly helpful area of the app is the laundry tab. You can check what machines are being used and how much time is left on the ones that are running. Under the ID Card feature you can report a lost or stolen ID, add value in flex, as well as get discounts at participating locations such as: Hola’s in the Carlmont Center or Menchies Frozen Yougurt.

Other features include the NDNU Mission, a gallery from the SLLO Flickr account, and a camera to send your own photos from NDNU events to the SLLO Flickr. You can easily access your student email, the Student Handbook; not only this but it serves as a way to get a hold of Public Safety.

BeConnected is proving to be a very helpful and easy to use app for the NDNU community. With all of these resources in one place, there is no reason that this app shouldn’t already be on your homepage.