Blue Mountain State was said to have ruined college forever because it’s the epitome of everything students look for in a school. It’s almost like they advertise the college lifestyle in a way that seems impossible to replicate here at Notre Dame de Namur University. As a student body, NDNU lacks the motivation and enthusiasm to generate a comparable environment. Something we as students could be proud of, a legacy to leave for future graduates to hold on to and pass on. It’s a dream that is definitely obtainable, but seemingly too far in the distance to actually achieve.

The Internet defines school spirit as the emotional support people show towards their specific institution. School spirit can be shown through a few different ways such as attending your school’s sporting events, “repping” your school colors and attire, and even attending different school functions.

The sad reality is that a lot student’s are bored, and feel like they have nothing to look forward too. College is often looked upon as the time of your life. When you’re in high school and you see the movies, and all of these viral videos that come across your Twitter and Instagram, you can’t wait to get to college and experience it first hand. The parties, the atmosphere, but here at NDNU we have little, if none, of these things. This isn’t an article bashing on the school or the Programming Board. Something has to change;

“I think the school needs a mascot, someone to help give the students here a boost and encourage them to support our events around campus,” said freshman Marquise Williams. Mascots are important to a school spiritual identity; they bring a positive attitude and contagious morale to the school.

A few years ago, this wasn’t an issue. Programming Board held about 3 different dances balanced out throughout the year, and the biggest one was the end of the year boat party. That event was pretty hard to top, which is probably why we haven’t seen a school dance since the fall of 2014. “Between budget cuts and venue availability, it’s been hard to get something together”, said Korey Serna of the Programming Board.

“There isn’t a lot to do around here, especially if you’re not 21. Sure we can go to San Francisco every once and a while, but without a car it’s hard” said sophomore Alaka’i Freitas.

Students without personal transportation also have the option to rent cars through the school due to their relationship between the University and a company known as Zipcar. Zipcar provides access to cars for all eligible drives 18+. Students can also travel by Caltrain, the commuter train, as well as local bus services.

The attendance at sporting events is a big area lacking in school spirit. “It’d be really cool if we had pep rallies in front of the gym before games; with face paint, trumpet horns, you know the works”, said junior Ashley Robinson. Could you imagine that; an army of Argonauts marching down to the soccer and softball fields, and storming into the gym to support our volleyball and basketball teams? “To build a diverse, collaborative, open and student-centered community”, celebrating the values that this school holds so close to its core.