An Advocate for Domestic Violence?

Last Month, a viral video surfaced of 18 year old Romina Garcia making the outrageous assertion that “If your boyfriend hits you or beats you up, stay with him. He loves you, because he’s risking for you to press charges on him, calling the police — a guy that’s willing to do that for a girl, that’s amazing.” The young blogger, from Las Vegas, Nevada has a fan base of 100,000 people. One has to be concerned about a percentage of her fans that are being misled about the atrocities of domestic violence.

Following her statement and personal stories, in which she stated she once deserved to get a black eye, thousands responded. Shockingly, there were young girls who identify with the message. The shocking video sheds light to the issue of domestic violence and its prevalence among a younger demographic of girls. Garcia’s message has been talked about within news and media and was actually interviewed on the Dr. Phil show. Professionals suggest that she is just a lost girl, looking for attention. Nonetheless, it’s troublesome that there are young women who are drowning in misleading information and ultimately headed down a destructive path.

The Prince of Pissing People Off


Charlamagne tha God is the self proclaimed “prince of pissing people off, the architect of aggravation, the ruler of rubbing you the wrong way.” But overall, he is just plain entertaining. He is the co-host of The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1, featured on MTV’s Guy Code, and is a featured and favored guest on VladTV. He is refreshing on his approach of celebrity gossip as well as social issues. He has an interesting and surprisingly impactful way of keeping it real.

Follow him on Twitter @cthagod!

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Rockabye Kylie

Last week, a feud between Khloe Kardahian and Amber Rose took center stage on all social media outlets. It all stemmed from an interview Amber Rose did with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. Amber was asked about what she thought about the relationship between rapper Tyga’s and 17 year old Kylie Jenner. She said Kylie is a “baby,” calling her alleged relationship with the 24 year old “ridiculous.” The statement ignited a series of tweets from Kylie’s big sister Khloe Kardashian. Khloe came to Kylie’s defense, reminding her 12 million followers about Amber being a stripper at 15. It got real when the W word was thrown, throwing Kim in the mix, saying she was the W who supported her family just as Amber was one to support hers.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 3.08.19 PM.png

Shots turned into bombs when Amber implied OJ Simpson being Khloe’s biological father, which has been rumored for the past few years. No response from Khloe. Perhaps she’s taking the high road. In the mean time, there are some deliciously entertaining memes that have surfaced on Twitter and Instagram.


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Even Year Magic


In a dramatic 7 game series, the San Francisco Giants defeated the Kansas City Royals making that their third championship in five years.

2014 Giants World Series Parade
Giants fans gather to celebrate the Giants third World Series win on Oct. 31 at San Francisco City Hall. Photo by Marisa Schneider

With the Giants beating Kansas City Royals 3-2 at Kaufman Stadium in game 7, they have became the first team to win a Series Game 7 on the road since the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1979. They also became the second team, after the Boston Red Sox, to win three championships in the 21st century.

Game 7 included a five inning scoreless relief appearance from Giants pitcher and World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner who also clenched wins in game 1 and game 5 making this his third victory this series. He allowed just two hits and struck out four men while throwing 68 pitches on just two days rest after throwing 117 pitches in Game 5.

Giant’s fans back home cheered and celebrated every strike, ball and pop fly together. Fans gathered in the streets of San Francisco to pop champagne, lite bonfires, hug strangers and dance in the crowd with hundreds of thousands of other Giants fans, but the celebration didn’t stop there.

2014 Giants World Series Parade
Even Year Magic!

On Friday October 31, 2014, the celebration continued in San Francisco at the World Series Championship Parade. Despite the rain and cloudy weather, thousands of fans packed the streets of the city to see players as they rode through the city in open-backed trucks or on double-decker buses.

2014 Giants World Series Parade

Although it may have rained and been the third World Series parade in five years, Junior Megan Ettinger believes that this parade was by far the best parade out of the three she has attended.

“This parade was unlike any of the previous parades. The million of Giants fans did not come together to celebrate the Giants first or second World Series championship, but their third in five years,” said Ettinger.

NDNU students at the parade

Attending the parade with Ettinger was Senior Carrie Turgeon who believes that “This World Series Parade blew the first and second World Series Parades out of the water.”

With such a large turnout, the Bay Area’s transportation of buses, trains and ferries were overcrowded and much bigger than normal crowds. Bart and Caltrain were both on track to set daily records with the overflow of capacity.

Sophomore Jillian Colburn commutes to NDNU from San Francisco everyday and described the overcrowded transit systems as being “always crowded, but not like this.”

Over the 1.7 mile parade route flocked 1 million dedicated San Francisco Giants fans. We can only hope and pray that 2015 will be the fourth time the Giants win the World Series in six years.

Witches, wizards and Argonauts

Halloween is around the corner and thoughts on what you are going to be and how much you are going to spend are passing on your mind.

“Shoppers will spend 2.8 billion on costumes”, according to the National Retail Federation.

Depending on your budget there are different options you can choose. If you are like hip-hop artist Macklemore and “Only got twenty-dollars in my pocket”, the Thrift Shop in San Carlos in 1060 El Camino Real might be a good choice for you. You can buy a halloween outfit for under 15 dollars, The NRF said “ half of shoppers plan to buy items at a discount shop.

Danielle Rubin a 49ers girl and Caitlyn Santos pocahontas get ready for a halloween night with friends!
Image Credit:Danielle Rubin

If you are prepared to spend money and get a great costume, head to Spirit Halloween Store located at 650 El Camino Real. According to Spirit “the top costumes for adults are Game of Thrones, Zombies, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” Spirit also says that “Do it yourself (DIY) costumes” using harlequin, burlesque, and animal prints.

“If i’m not traveling for volleyball I want to be a kitty-cat”, informed NDNU senior Kamene Rose.

While senior Tiana Sherrill said “I want to be something sexy and cute, or wear something Beyonce would wear while doing something in the city with my closest friends.”

Whether you are going to wear a top ten outfit or wear an original piece.Remember to have fun and be safe.


Opportunities beyond NDNU

Notre Dame de Namur’s Career Services worked in partnership with The Dorothy Stang Center, launched their annual fall Internship and Volunteer fair, held Sept. 30th.


These events serve as great opportunities for one to explore potential employment opportunities and learn more about companies you may be interested in working for in the future.

When surveying a group of students prior to the fair they were prompted with the question of whether or not they knew what the NDNU Career Services offered? As well as, what they thought the point of internship and volunteer fairs were? Surprisingly, the majority of these students had no idea what the NDNU Career Services offered and what the point of an internship and volunteer fair was.

The Argonaut spoke with NDNU junior Megan Ettinger to ask her what she knew about the Career Services Center and the Internship and Volunteer Fair.

“I do not know a lot about what the NDNU Career Services Center has to offer, but what I do know is that they offer help in finding internships for internship classes required here at NDNU”, Ettinger informed.

A similar response came from senior Kelsee Berryman when interviewing her prior to the Internship and Volunteer fair. After Berryman attended the career fair we asked her, “What do you know about NDNU’s Career Services Center and what they have to offer and how was your experience attending the fair?”


“After attending the Internship and Volunteer Fair and learning more about what opportunities the NDNU’s Career Services Center I feel more at ease with what I am going to do after college”, reassured Berryman, “NDNU’s Internship and Volunteer Fair was a great way to learn not only about NDNU’s Career Services Center, but a great way to learn what job openings and internships may be available after I graduate”, Berryman explained.

Ettinger also informed us about her talk with a student who works at the NDNU Career Services Center. The Career Services Center offer students the opportunity to get part-time jobs, full-time jobs, internships and even work study jobs. When Career Services receives these listings they are posted on the NDNU Job Board. She also found out that online job and internship postings are also available through NDNU Career Connect and registered students can search for jobs and internships, post resumes and cover letters, and search even search for employers!



Internship and Volunteer Fairs are essential for testing careers, major choices, and for acquiring hands on experience that makes you competitive in the job market. The Internship and Volunteer Fairs are offered once a semester. Watch for flyers posted around campus and emails.



To learn more about the Career and Volunteer Fairs and Career Development internship experience, contact Carrie McKnight at 650-508-3667 or by e-mail at


Nowadays amongst college-aged students, having various social media accounts is common place. Shouting “do it for the insta!” at a party or using hashtag #nofilter on your latest selfie are things you’re no stranger to. So how do you make your pictures stand out from the crowded feeds you’re posting to? The answer is simpler than you think.

Photo editing apps help even the most basic Instagrammers seem creative and artistic. Debating whether to post another picture of your usual Starbucks Caramel Macchiato Frappuccino? Just download the Free LensFlare app and add rays of light bursting from the corner and boom, you have an insta-worthy photo in seconds. Now your followers will totally know you were sitting outside on a hot summer day without you having to write it in the caption.

photo 1-14.JPG
Before editing
photo 2-16.JPG
After editing with LensFlare Photo credit: Mia Ackley

Below is a list of other helpful editing apps in the iTunes App Store guaranteed to get you those 100 likes your photos deserve.

1. VSCOcam- Whether you choose from the 10 unique filters or edit your pictures manually, once you go VSCO you never go back.

Original Photo Photo credit: Mia Ackley
photo 1.PNG
Edited using VSCOcam Photo credit: Mia Ackley

2. Squareready- Forget to take your picture in the “square” option on your camera? Don’t worry, Squareready re-sizes your picture without cutting any of it out to fit Instagram while using white boarders. Plus, those boarders are in, right?

photo 2.PNG
Edited using Squareready Photo credit: Mia Ackley
Posted to fit Instagram Photo credit: Mia Ackley

3. Pic Stitch- So you took 234 pictures and six came out cute. How can you only choose ONE photo to Instagram!? Don’t stress! Pic Stitch allows you to make photo collages so you never have to worry.

photo 5-1.PNG
Photo credit: Mia Ackley

4. moreBeaute2- Does the idea of uploading a selfie send shivers down your spine? The moreBeaut2 app allows you to soften and blur facial imperfections before posting. But beware of being too photoshopped and don’t overdo it.

photo 3.PNG
moreBeaute2 App Photo credit: Mia Ackley

5. HDR FX Pro- At $2.99, this app isn’t a steal, but it’s features make it good enough to make the list. Our iPhone cameras can’t always capture the beauty of landscape or scenic shots exactly as we seem them. Use this app to add intense saturation or play with the colors to bring your photo back to life.

photo 4.PNG
HDR FX Pro App Photo credit: Mia Ackley

Don’t let social media intimidate you anymore. With these few helpful editing apps, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to have a great Instagram feed #noexcuses.