The Experience of a Lifetime

Are you looking for an adventure overseas? Do you want to learn about a new culture? Or are you simply just bored with your everyday routine and want something new? Sign up for the Study Abroad Program at NDNU and continue your journey towards your degree while making some great memories along the way!

Stay for a semester, full academic year, or just the summer in almost any country you desire with multiple campuses to choose from in each country.

Not interested in leaving the country but want to explore another area? NDNU has off-campus study opportunities at our sister schools in Washington D.C and in Boston as well. Classes in any subject can be taken both in the states or abroad.

Kill two birds with one stone and fulfill your language requirement abroad! Studying abroad not only helps you learn and become acquainted with another language, but you can meet your NDNU language requirement as well being there.

NDNU has a language requirement of 6 units that can be satisfied just by studying the language there. Don’t let the language barrier stop you from traveling if you don’t feel comfortable with foreign language. There are also programs that offer classes all taught in English.

Studying abroad is affordable with many scholarship opportunities, so money shouldn’t deter you from considering. Costs vary by program and country, but can be comparable to the cost of tuition and on campus living at NDNU. Financial aid awarded at NDNU is accepted by most programs and can be used to pay for your studies.

Many scholarship opportunities are also available within different programs to help students. Right now NDNU has a $5000 scholarship available to take classes in Archeology, Art History, Classical, Studies, Gender Studies, History, Languages, Literature, Music, Philosophy, and Religious Studies at the Centre for Medieval & Renaissance Studies, Oxford in England.

Studying abroad is a life changing experience that can invite new perspectives of the world that can aid in your future success.

In an interview with Hannah Verschelden, a NDNU senior that studied in Wales for Spring semester of 2014, she described that studying abroad was the most eye opening experience she has ever had.

“The places I saw looked completely different than anything I had ever seen in America. Having had first hand encounters with the people and culture of Europe has instilled in me a new understanding of America and how to live life. I can say from the bottom of my heart that I learned more in the 4 months of studying abroad than I have ever learned in all my 15 years of studying History, Government, and culture in a classroom in the states.”

If interested in studying abroad, complete the following steps:

1) Research and select a potential program.

2) Apply to an NDNU-approved program/university.

3) Complete the NDNU Study Abroad Approval Form available in Study Abroad office.

4) Turn in the NDNU Approval form!

For more information about study abroad options, prices, and academics, stop by the Study Abroad office located in Saint Mary’s 114 or email;  to speak with the advisors of the program: Ann Fathman,, and Lorenzo Giachetti, today.

One of the many views in Wales.
NDNU senior Hannah Verschelden in the Spring of 2014 as she studies abroad in the beautiful Wales.
A spectacular cloudy morning seen in Wales.
An aerial view over Wales’ beautiful waters.

*All photographs shown in this article are courtesy of Hannah Verschelden

You know you’re an Argo when…

1. You can wake up 3 minutes before class starts and still make it there on time.

2. You’ve seen “invalid username” or “invalid password” pop up on your computer screen multiple times.

3. You know about 90% of the people that go to the school.

4. Your classroom attire is sweats/leggings and a t-shirt.

5. You’ve been abruptly woken up at 4 a.m. to a fire alarm.

6. A Martin sandwich is your go-to lunch item.

7. The majority of your Argonaut apparel was free.

8. You know that at Sunday morning breakfast in the cafeteria, you are bound to hear some gossip- good or bad.

9. Finals week is your first and last visit to the library all semester.

10. Your professors all know you by name.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 9.45.19 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-09-21 at 9.45.29 PM.pngScreen Shot 2014-09-21 at 9.45.45 PM.png

10 Must Go Places In The Bay Area

Being Notre Dame de Namur students, we are very fortunate to be going to school in the location we are in, where we are exposed to such amazing places to explore in terms of hiking, biking and sight seeing – especially with Caltrain right down the street.

Now, for you students who haven’t explored the area just yet, I’m going to show you my 10 MUST SEE places in the area, give you some directions and some advice on when to go. Being the “SF Summer” as some would call it, this is the best time to visit the San Francisco spots without getting too much fog. Living in such an amazing area with a lot of adventure possibilities, take the time out of your day to read about my top MUST- SEE places and hopefully one day you can check them out on your own. Here are my 10 MUST-SEE places in the Bay Area:

10. AT&T Park: Come support your local major league baseball team at this fairly new stadium on the water. Look for the bleacher seats they can get pretty cheap and you have a great view.


9. Levi Stadium: This brand new football stadium is AMAZING and so is the team that plays there. Try and get your tickets early when they are cheap because they can get pricey.


8. Twin Peaks: A very well known tourist attraction in San Francisco that, on a clear day, can give you a view of all the Bay Area.


7. Haight & Ashbury: The most interesting street in all of San Francisco. Located right next to Golden Gate Park, Haight Street provides great shopping, food, and people watching.


6. Ocean Beach: A beautiful beach in the Sunset district of San Francisco. Catch it now while the weather is nice, because this beach is normally foggy and chilly.


5. Dolores Park: A great place to grab a sandwich from Ike’s Place only a couple blocks away (3489 16th Street) and sit in the grass, eat and enjoy the view of all of Downtown San Francisco.


4. Grizzly Peak: A viewpoint right above the University of California’s campus across the water in Berkeley. A bit of a drive, make sure to not go during rush hour too.


3. Half Moon Bay: A great beach with excellent sights up and down the coast. Good place to go to the beach and grab some seafood at.


2. Golden Gate Park: Endless amount of things to do. From Stow Lake, Frisbee Golf, Golf, Conservatory of Flowers, Academy of Sciences, de Young Museum, and all the other activities that there is to do in this massive park.


1. Marin Headlands: Amazing views of all of San Francisco. Walk around and explore the empty Army bases. An amazing and must go place just on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge.


*All Photography taken by Jordan Ross


Wiegand Gallery Presents : “The Roots of the Spirit”

The Wiegand Gallery, located at Notre Dame De Namur University, is happy to announce the opening of The Roots Of The Spirit exhibition. The exhibition includes a variety of sculptures, paintings and drawings made by four of the country’s most inspiring Outsider artists: Lonnie Holley, Mr. Imagination, Charlie Lucas and Kevin Sampson.

The Civil Rights Movement and the lack of opportunity and education offered to African Americans influence each of these artists’s work. Each of these artists use of preservation of recycled and free materials while making their art in order to show future generations the beauty and potential of all material.

Martha Henry, Director of the Wiegand Gallery states that, “Their artworks express their African and American culture, their everyday lives, dreams, and aspirations. When we look into the mirror of the black experience we have a better understanding of American culture, values and spirituality. Black artists have played a vital role in distinguishing our culture throughout the world, indeed the black experience is so interwoven into our larger culture that it defines much of what the world perceives today as American.”

The Roots of the Spirit originates back to 2011 when the four artists were invited to be apart of the 54th Venice Biennale, an event put on by the American Folk Art Museum in New York and Benetton in Treviso. Being invited to this, the artists were each given the opportunity to display their artwork in a large exhibition for the world to see at the Fondaco dei Tedschi.

Unfortunately due to an unexpected loss of funding, the invitation was revoked and the incredible opportunity to expose their artwork. Even though these men lost the opportunity to share their work, they have continued to expose their artwork in galleries all over the country.

Martha Henry shares that she, “felt it important to celebrate the achievements of these four who emerged from the depths of personal despair to make valuable contributions to the American visual experience.”

Come check out a variety of artists and their amazing artwork at NDNU’s exhibition of “The Roots of the Spirit” open now until November 26th in the Wiegand Gallery!

For more information or pictures of the exhibit visit the NDNU’s Arts & Events website below:

NDNU Style Files

For some students on campus, going to class calls for no more effort than a pair of comfy sweats and t-shirts. However, in the spirit of New York Fashion Week kicking off the week of September 8, 2014, we set out on a mission to find the most stylish students walking the halls.

With the start of the new fall semester, September is the perfect time to see which students are ahead of the fall season trends that are sure to be all the rage come Thanksgiving. From old faithfuls such as lace up boots and Chuck Taylors, to new “it” items like boyfriend jeans and Birkenstock sandals, the fashion on campus did not disappoint!

Rosemary Scalabrino, junior business and graphic design major, prefers to express her unique and individual personality through her wardrobe.

“I love staying up to date on trends and always try to recreate what my favorite celebrities wear” Scalabrino said, “I can’t wait to rock the camel color trend all fall!”

Fashion is an important part of some students’ identities and a true way to express themselves on campus and stand out from the crowd.

Lexie, freshman, uses her style savvy to pair trend pieces together to complete a perfect fall look. Photo credit: Mia Ackley
Janine, junior, rocking all black with Doc Marten lace up combat boots shows us that when in doubt, black is always the answer. Photo credit: Mia Ackley
Rosemary, junior, proves Birkenstocks are cool pairing them with boyfriend jeans and oversized sunglasses. Photo credit: Mia Ackley
Hunter, senior, wearing a chambray with Chuck Taylor low top converse shows us how to seamlessly transition from summer to fall. Photo credit: Mia Ackley
Erin, freshman, rocks high top Chuck Taylor converse with skinny jeans showing us how to style classic pieces year round. Photo credit: Mia Ackley
Ali, freshman, looks ready for fall weather in her army green jacket, thick socks and lace up moto boots. Photo credit: Mia Ackley