Is Disney’s and Pixar’s New Movie Coco Culturally Sensitive? by Noelli De La Cruz

Disney and Pixar finally gets it right by being culturally conscious in its new movie Coco, an animated movie about a Mexican boy and his family.

In the past years there has been controversy around Disney’s movies having negative ethnic stereotypes or were culturally inaccurate. When the movie Princess and the Frog released, many people were excited that finally there was going to be a black heroine. However, critics were upset with the transformation of the princess to a frog because it reminded them of the past racism comments that black people were animals. Also, they thought that having a white prince instead of a black prince suggested that black love was not possible.

 Although Disney has made improvement in creating characters of color, they still get many things wrong.

So when it was publicly released that there was going to be a Disney movie about a Mexican family and the traditional Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead, there were many skeptics questioning if Disney was finally going to get it right regarding cultural sensitivity.

I hope that [Disney] will have people who are of Latino descenders to play the character of the movie as well as paying tribute to Dia de Los Muertos in a way that the concept, colors and music was right,” said sophomore at Skyline Marissa Vazquez.

Coco was released on theaters across the United States on November 23, 2017. The setting of the movie takes place in Mexico and is about a young Mexican boy, Miguel Ramirez, who wishes to be a musician. However, his family forbids it, since they think that music cursed their family. Behind his family’s back, he seeks for a guitar to play at a musical festival, and while on his mission to find a guitar he embarks on a journey in the afterlife. While there, he seeks to find his dead great grandfather, a Mariachi, in order to get his blessing to go back home and be able to be a musician.

Many Latinos themselves were surprised that Disney wasn’t patronizing and truthfully portrayed the Mexican holiday and the culture.

I relate to [the movie Coco] because it made me remember my grandfather that passed away a year ago… and remind me that one day I’ll see him again up there,” said senior Fabiola Malfabon.

Pero Like and Mitu, two BuzzFeed’s hubs for U.S. Latinx content, watched and reviewed the movie. They expressed satisfaction towards the film because it is a movie that kids of color can latch onto and see themselves; and believe they can make it on the big screen.

They also said that Coco tells a story they can relate to because Dia de los Muertos is a tradition that is celebrated all across Latin America. The colors, the music and the offerings shown in the movie are very similar to any latin american country during Day of the Dead. As well as the central theme of the movie that family is the most important thing is something latinos can relate too.

I actually really like the movie and I feel like it did show how important family is in the Mexican culture. It made me realize how important [Day of the Dead] is and the significance of it, your family will always be there for you and to never forget about any of them. The movie did a great job with the animations and all the colors it used to represent how dia de los muertos is celebrated,” said senior Erick Mora-Hernandez.

Not only did Disney/Pixar made sure the colors and the music were right for this movie, but they took the extra mile to cast all Latino actors. Famous latino actors such as Gael Garcia, Benjamin Bratt, Edward James Olmos, and Jaime Camil were the voices of the main characters of the movie.

Latios applaud Disney and Pixar for portraying Dia de los Muertos in a realistic and truthful way. Many reviews don’t forget to mention that Miguel’s’ grandmother using her “chancla” (sandlel) to scold is the most authentic Mexican tradition that Mexican families grow up with.In two weeks the movie Coco has made 89.6 million dollars in Box Office, but it will grow now that a spanish version of Coco has been released in theaters and families want to watch that too.

Tourism Takes a High-Tech Route, NDNU Follows by Bala Gunaseelan

A new kind of tourism has emerged in Silicon Valley; tourists are flocking campuses of popular tech-giants and robotics-operated restaurants. 
The western coast has always been a hot-spot for tourism, boasting the likes of Disneyland and Hollywood but lately, an interesting new mold of technology-centered places-of-interest are emerging. On top of attractions that have traditionally been peddled by travel agencies, new businesses are playing catch-up to this niche market with hotels and attractions in the same high-tech vein. 
The Facebook and Google campuses are top-priority on the list of tech-tourism; being the pioneer attractions in the new stratum. But there are also some automated eateries that have popped-up in these commercial districts, riding the wave in marvel of modern technology. 
“San Fransisco is actually a great place for different types of people to find their niche and participate in activities together, maybe through Meetup. The hot-pot culture there allows for techies from the city and Silicon Valley to find common interests and mingle”, said Senior Erin Banda.  
Café X is an industrial-sized robotic unit that prepares hot beverages behind a glass stage from inputs into a tablet by customers. Zume Pizza, has taken it one step further and named their robot assistants; ‘Doughbot‘ prepares the crusts while ‘Bruno’ and ‘Martha’ apply toppings and sauce for delivery, during which they are cooked in ovens in their vehicles. 
“I did not know about that! That sounds very interesting. I’ll be sure to check that out” said senior Rene Roque. 
Another android employee works at Calafia Café. ‘Sally the Salad Robot’ prepares salads on demand within a minute. Yelp’Eat24 delivery service in the Mission and Portrero Hills neighborhoods in San Fransisco, as well asDoorDash in Redwood City feature self-driving vehicles that deliver food.  
A hotel in San Fransisco now has a dedicated virtual reality room in its lobby for guests to indulge in the next generation of entertainment experiences. Hotel Zetta’s guests can try their hand at ExitVR, also a San Fransisco entity developing virtual reality equipment. Another hotel, Aloft, has rooms equipped with the Apple HomeKit, allowing guests to operate lights and the thermostat using voice commands. 
There is a virtual reality lab in campus, located at the Campus Center that offers hands-on activities with V.R sets on Fridays. 
“I was surprised at the existence of this facility and the experience truly is astounding. More people need to know about this hidden gem right at the front of our campus” said Freshman Jesus Mendoza. 
Although the subdivision is new, there is ample opportunity for creative businesses to harness this new fad. The city will also be expecting new avenues of revenue from the high-tech craze. 

Weinstein; Pervert in Production by Fnu G Balamurali

The first civil law suit has been filed against Harvey Weinstein by actress Dominique Huett on Tuesday, following a slew of sexual assault allegations resulting in the entertainment mogul’s exit from his company.

The Weinstein Company is being sued for negligence by Huett, marking the first legal attention this high-profile case will receive. Some of the more well-known figures that have revealed themselves as victims of Weinstein are Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lena Dunham, Kate Beckinsale, Reese Witherspoon, Rosanna Arquette and Katherine Kendall.

This sudden hike in women coming out on Weinstein, and in-turn bringing harrowing practices that plague the industry to attention was sparked by Alyssa Milano’s Twitter posting. The former Charmed actress rallied more women to share experiences that they had suppressed from the media in fear of losing their status in the entertainment industry.

Harvey Weinstein’s spokeswoman first responded to the allegations with denial and showed effort in publicizing a more family-oriented image for him but his resignation from the board in Weinstein and Co. and removal from any affiliations from Miramax suggest a shift in his positioning on the matters, especially with more women exposing him on social media and now, legally. On October 10, his attorney Patricia Glaser even went on to say others on the board at Weinstein were aware of the happenings and that they too have to come forward and accept blame.

“The government needs to undertake this issue and formulate a plan to regulate these grey areas better, as women deserve the same quality of life as their male counterparts, both paying the same denotations of taxation to the state and central legislations” said sophomore Gio Delgado.

Notably by the 15th of October, a total of 38 women had accused director James Toback of sexual misconduct, showing that the movement against inappropriate behavior at the workplace is gaining traction. Sexual assault is not legally tolerated and citizens feel the notion could extend to office spaces beyond the entertainment industry. Weinstein’s count of shame is at 56 as of the 1st of November.

“Hopefully more victims from other sectors will come forward and unveil more parasites like Weinstein” said Freshman Jesus Mendoza.

The Weinstein Company is not looking for private buyers to take-over the establishment. The industry too has taken damage and male figures in show-biz have expressed their knowledge on the issue. Tom Hanks has said he was aware of the sad truth and Seth McFarlane even joked about it on stage at the 2013 Oscars.

“Congratulations, you five ladies don’t have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein anymore!” said comedy-icon McFarlane, referring to the nominees.

Despite inching around the legal tussles, Harvey Weinstein still owns 23% of Weinstein and Co. in shares. Four members of the all-male board have already resigned. This incident happens to evoke questioning the need for government agencies to look into hierarchies established in businesses.

“While regulating such intricacies of a private organization might seem impossible, we have little alternatives. This is an opportunity to bring about new regulations and we must progressively act on it”, said senior Viri Luna.

The public awaits development on this case as court proceedings will reveal how civil reforms might be shaped by this exposé.

Foul Ball in MLB game hits Toddler by Jared Ortiz

In a recent incident on September 21st, 2017 in New York a toddler was struck in the head with a baseball at Yankee Stadium. Many were questioning how and why this happened, but it was just a freak accident that no one wishes to happen to anyone.

Due to this recent event professional baseball teams from all around the country have started to draw up plans to put safety nets all around the park so incidents like this wont happen again. Both fans and players were disgusted with what happened and soon began to talk about how there should be safety nets everywhere around the stadium no matter where you are sitting at. Because when a baseball is coming at you 100 MPH you have no time to react.

Here at NDNU there has been no incident like this recorded because the softball fields are gated off where fans do not have access to. The spectators usually sit behind home plate or near the benches where there are gates provided protecting them from any foul balls.

Sergio Gonzales Notre Dame de Namur Sophomore was sad to see this happen to such a young person because he is an avid sports watcher and likes to watch baseball and when talking about this certain topic with him he said I am sick to my stomach because this is the type of thing that can be prevented. Gonzales also went on to sayI am glad to see something finally being done, but it came too late and paid too big of a price for something to not have been dealt with earlier. This is a very sensitive topic that should have been dealt with yeas ago and it is a shame that it has come to this point for Major League teams to finally step up and do something about an ongoing incident that has been happening around the MLB for years on end.

Many students around Notre Dame de Namur University  have were surprised about what had happened especially Sophomore Adam Lopez because he and his family are baseball lovers and are horrified to see something like this happen. When asked about this Lopez said This is the type of accident that happens almost every day at ballparks but goes unnoticed until someone really gets injured for owners to actually take action for these sorts of things , it is a shame that this had to happen for something to change.

People should care about this recent incident because it can happen anywhere at any given time, no one is really safe when attending a baseball game. At baseball games there are always flying baseballs and commotion everywhere but in a blink of an eye a ball could be coming at you without even noticing.

Warriors do not want to go to the White House by Micah Tateishi

The Golden State Warriors, who have won two of the league’s last three championships and Two time MVP and NBA champion Steph Curry and are in question over making a decision of not attending the White House after winning last seasons NBA championship.

Despite many strong signs of the widespread distaste for President Trump would likely lead to the team not taking part in the annual ritual. The team will meet to make a decision in the coming days. General manager Bob Myers made it clear that the team has had contact with the White House and the door was left open for a possible visit.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr and two-time MVP Steph Curry the two men with more influence on the team’s culture than all the rest stated their belief that they prefer not to attend which has something to do with Trump’s handling of the Charlottesville riot in mid-August which is still fresh on the minds of the Warriors who see it the same way as Curry and Kerr.

When asking around campus on the current situation with the Warriors not visiting the White House, Chaz Wade a member of the mens basketball team said “I fully agree with Steph Curry and his decision. Being a minority as well as a basketball player I feel that Steph Curry is entitled to his opinion and beliefs. I find it very cool how he is using his platform as a professional basketball player to help fix certain issues in the United States” said Chaz.

In response to Curry’s comment President Trump withdrew his invitation to the NBA champions the Golden State Warriors to visit the White House and blaming the team’s star, Stephen Curry, for “hesitating” about accepting the offer. President Trump took to social media and said “Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team. Stephen Curry is hesitating, therefore invitation is withdrawn!”   

When asked why he wants to skip the visit and what the intended message would be, Curry elaborated. “That we don’t stand for basically what our President has – the things that he’s said and the things that he hasn’t said in the right times, that we won’t stand for it,” Curry said. “And by acting and not going, hopefully that will inspire some change when it comes to what we tolerate in this country and what is accepted and what we turn a blind eye to. It’s not just the act of not going there. There are things you have to do on the back end to actually push that message into motion. We’re using our platforms, using our opportunities to shed light on that, so that’s kind of where I stand on it. I don’t think us not going to the White House is going to miraculously make everything better, but this is my opportunity to voice that.”

Many other players such as LeBron James have also weighed in on the situations saying “Going to the White House was a great honor until you showed up!” James tweeted.

Seeing as how attended the White House for championship teams is an honor, we live in the United States and free to our own opinion. Fellow classmate and military veteran Ivan Zamora said “I fought for this country and all of its values. I served so that people could have their own opinions and voice themselves if they feel something is wrong or if they disagree with certain issues in this country”.

The Trembling City by Almaha Aldosari


A series of serious tremors are threatening the lifestyles of the residents of Mexico City and their persistence seem to make the city dangerous to reside.

On Saturday 23rd September 2017, a earthquake with a measure of 6.1 magnitude was reported in Oaxaca State which is 25 miles away from Mexico City. Despite the distance, many buildings in the Mexico City could be seen shaking as the effects of an earlier 7.1 earthquake on Tuesday the same week were still alive. While the city is still grappling with the effects of two other tremors, the occurrence of another incident brings the city close to a humanitarian crisis.

The earlier quakes were close to the city and had devastating effects on structures within the city. With the rescue wok still ongoing, the occurrence of other tremors leaves the residents of the city frightened and worried about what could happen next. According to the United States Geological Survey, the tremors which have been had in recent times are aftershocks of the previous quake and they might be expected to continue into the coming dayThis makes the engineering structures within the city highly vulnerable to potential damages.

The residents of the city are still recovering from the loss of lives and the devastating damages suffered from the previous quakes. Many of them are yet to come to terms with the warnings of the geological departments of potential tremors. According to an article published in the Washington post, many individuals within the city are worried and live in constant fear of what might happen next. This was despite the humanitarian assistance that was offered by different agencies, while other bodies came in to help recover those who had not been found yet..

“Several disaster alert measures had been put in place so as to help the people”, said Erick Mora- Hernandez. referring to the siren that had been installed as a warning measure.  He adds that several of his colleagues had lost their relatives.

Jack Farnandez., one of those who happened to have a relative in Mexico who had escaped the incident said that the incident left a lot to be learned as far as disaster preparedness is concerned. The high number of people who were affected could not have been seen in an event where the necessary measures would have been put in place. With many of the destroyed buildings having been apartment blocks, thousands of the city dwellers have been rendered homeless. The still standing buildings cannot be trusted to withstand another impact and this has continued to increase the fear and worry among the people.

The destruction suffered in the city remains huge and humanitarian crisis real, as many families have lost friends and relatives as well as their residence. Humanitarian organizations and well-wishers have been working hard making contributions in the form of medical relief, hot meals and temporary shelters to assists the individuals. Despite the assistance being provided by different organizations, the psychological implications among the people are still present with a large proportion of the population being affected directly or indirectly and in constant fear of another tremor.

Professional Football Player Gets Restrained Due to the Color of his skin by Caleb Keohokapu

michael bennett

            Las Vegas cops threatened to “blow my f****** head off” according to Michael Bennett Seattle Seahawks defensive end.

On August 26th, 2017 Michael Bennett was present at the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor right and he supposedly heard apparent gunshots so he flew the scene to safety but the “police pinned me down with excessive force, pointed a gun at me while threatening to blow my head off, and then detained me in a vehicle for what felt like an eternity,” said Bennett. Also Bennett shared “Las Vegas officers singled me out, and pointed their guns at me for doing nothing more than simply being a black man in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Transfer sophomore Joe Romero said, “I feel really discriminated because I am also black and I know that black people get a different treatment than white people and I felt the pain that Michael Bennett was going through. I believe if it was a white person in that situation he wouldn’t have been abused like how Michael Bennett was detained. This only shows that there is never going to be equality and racism will always be a continual problem in our society today.”

Steven Jordan, a transfer sophomore, shared his thoughts about this situation, “I believe this world will never achieve world peace. There is always going to have discrimination throughout this world and after being notified about this it just hurts to see the innocent get charged for nothing.”

Sophomore Joseph Condry was informed about this incident and shared his thoughts about it. “Racism and Racial profiling is still apparent in 2017 even though everything that has happened in the past years. Michael Bennett is one of the nicest person out there I am so hurt that the cops would treat him this way.”

Shaina Acosta a junior came across this news even and openly shared what she has thought about this event. “I believe that this is demoralizing and it hurts to see that Michael Bennett a innocent bystander gets aggressively detained by cops because of the color of his skin.”

In response to the incident Las Vegas police department said, “That they were responding to reports of a shooter at a casino at the time of Bennett’s arrest.” Clark County undersheriff Kevin McMahill said Bennett didn’t stop when officers saw him running away from the casino. McMahill added internal affairs investigators are reviewing video footage to determine exactly what happened. Also McMahill said, “I can tell you as I stand here today, I see no evidence of that. I see no evidence that race was a factor in this incident,” adding that officers helped and passed many people who were racial minorities.

Colin Kaepernick the Quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers said, “This violation that happened against my Brother Michael Bennett is disgusting and unjust. I stand with Michael and I stand with the people.” He believes that what they are doing is wrong and he will stand and fight for what they believe in and what the cops did was wrong.