06 Apr 2016

Attempts to Stifle Students’ Voice (Opinion)

The board meeting on March 23rd, 2016 goes differently than planned when the meeting, originally scheduled as an open meeting, was closed at the last minute. Student leaders showed up early to  the meeting, excited to share in the conversation about unionization, when they were...
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07 Dec 2015

Blue Mountain State was said to have ruined college forever because it’s the epitome of everything students look for in a school. It’s almost like they advertise the college lifestyle in a way that seems impossible to replicate here at Notre Dame de Namur University. As a student...
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Social Media Activism is Apathy

Americans don’t care about Paris. Not really. For most of us it’s an abstract concept glimpsed only in movies. For a few it’s a fond memory from a study abroad. For even fewer it’s actually a distinct place with a personal connection. On Nov. 13, when approximately six separate...
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23 Sep 2014

Submerged into a culture of violence

The Argonaut gets an inside look into Retired NFL star: Steven Kinney
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