Alvarez breaks records in comeback win over Holy Names by Micah Tateishi

The Notre Dame de Namur women volleyball had a thrilling back and forth win against Academy of Art of San Francisco, California last Wednesday and in the process one individual broke the Pacific West record for most kills or points scored in a single career.

Bianca Alvarez of the women Notre Dame de Namur volleyball had a career high and record breaking night for numerous reasons. In a 3-2 set game Alvarez and the lady Argos have improved their record 10-15 overall and a 10-7 record in the Pacific West women’s Volleyball conference and looking for a top six finish this year. With the win over Academy of Art, Alvarez earned a career high 34 kills in one games and falling just short of the school record of 35 kills in one games.

Alvarez came into the game needing 19 kills in order to surpass the Pacific West record of 1,705 career points. After the win against Academy of Arts the lady Argos are now on a five game winning streak and look to earn another victory over Academy of Art this coming Friday.

When speaking to students and faculty of Notre Dame de Namur many were shocked and impressed at such a record being broken. A senior at Notre Dame de Namur, Nick Nuyen said “It is crazy to think that she (Alvarez) could accomplish such a crazy task as breaking the all time record of points scored in a career. I am super happy for her, she is the most humble person I’ve met and for someone of such a high athletic ability to be that humble is very rare. It is really inspiring to see other athletes succeeding” Nuyen said.

Alvarez finished the first set with eight kills despite coming up short in the first set 30-28. The Argo ladies continued to drop the next set thus putting the Argonauts down 2-0 with Alvarez sitting at 12 kills during this time.     

The match took a turn of events in the third set where the Argos won the third game with Alvarez seeming like an unstoppable force. Alvarez finished the third set with seven kills and with this points breaking the all time record of 1,705 kills in a career. The lady Argos then took the fifth set to 15-10 to win the game in five sets.

In the win Alvarez also set a career high and totaled a 27 dig night with an added on four blocks. This is the second consecutive season that Bianca has reached the 500 kill mark for a single season and moved her consecutive double digit kills per game to 60 games in a row. 

During an exclusive interview with Bianca Alvarez, when asked how the season was going, Alvarez said “Overall I thought that it was a very good season. In all four of my years here at NDNU this is the first time that we have had a winning record.”

When asked how Bianca felt about breaking the record she said “I feel very accomplished and honored to be apart of such a great team and do something that no one has done. I could not have done it without my teammates and coaches.”

The women’s volleyball team look to improve their record to 11-7 when they face Holy Names of Oakland next week Friday. The Argos will be hosting a special event during the game against Holy Names celebrating Alvarez recording breaking night by handing out 150 exclusive t-shirts commemorating Bianca and all of her accomplishments.

Many collegiate athletes have aspirations of playing sports after college in either semi-pro or professional sports. When asked if she was planning on playing volleyball after college Alvarez said “I have definitely thought of playing volleyball after college. I Plan on going to either Italy or somewhere in Europe to play volleyball after college.”

Is NDNU Football Possible? by Cynthia Rinaldo

With the hopes of attracting new students to Notre Dame de Namur University, the lack of a football team could make the school less attractive to certain potential students.

According to ESPN, football is the most popular sport in America. Having an NDNU football team would attract many fans and spread word of the small private university in Belmont. As the most loved sport in this country, could football elevate the morale and spirit of the student body? Could having a football team at NDNU raise money?

Stephanie Gomez a junior at NDNU who lives on campus stated, “NDNU would benefit from having a football team; I think we would still have a cheerleading team if we still had a football team. The cheerleading team did not have enough people wanting to participate and the ones that did were not taken seriously.”

Gomez expressed, “The cheerleading team was student run so no faculty were involved. People stopped showing up to practices. A football team would attract more students and gain so much revenue from people coming to games and buying tickets. The school used to get money for Ralston Hall Mansion from people renting it out and getting married there. When the school closed it down we lost a lot money.”

NDNU’s campus is 50 acres. While there might not be enough space on campus to have a football field, an agreement to borrow other schools’ football fields is viable. In fact, the NDNU softball team has resorted to borrowing another school’s field for practices and matches. A similar agreement could also benefit an NDNU football team.

Staff member Zack Rogow, Assistant Director of Communications and Media Relations at NDNU mentioned, “This might be too small of a university to field a football team it is a very expensive operation to fund and I don’t think it makes sense for a university of 1700 students.”

Menlo College is a private institution with a total of 765 undergraduate enrollments and a 40-acre campus. Menlo College used to have a football team and they even have a football field.

Scott Kimmelman, the Assistant Athletic Director for Communications at NDNU, stated that, “College football teams have 80-100 athletes, and our campus would struggle to support an additional 100 athletes. We do not have a facility for a football team; the soccer field wouldn’t be big enough. Menlo College got rid of their football team, for similar reasons.”

NDNU does not have the means or resources to support a football team of eighty to a hundred athletes.

“It is tough to support that size of a team on campus and Menlo College actually had a football field. A football team is usually the biggest draw for schools. I don’t know what type of impact a football team would have here, because if we were to play off campus we would need people to travel to the game,” said Kimmelman.

Economical hope for Houston- World Series Champions Astros by Abby Dyer 

Through wins, losses, cheers and tears, the Astros gave hope to Houston. This World Series will bring in new hope and economic support for the Houston tragedy that just took place a month ago. From the hurricane wiping out the city, Houston has an extra reason to celebrate the Astros’ presence in the World Series.The baseball team were still focused on their goal while empathizing of the losses of lives and homes. 

NDNU Softball Player, Senior Taylor Haynes said “I have a lot of family in Texas that were affected by the Hurricane, I think that this support from the team is making huge impact in the community. Its always nice to see a community get their spirits lifted.”

Many Astro player shave given back to the community such as Pitcher Lance McCullers, who has a soft spot for dogs, visited an animal shelter and worked with local charities to help rescue and treat pets in the aftermath of the flooding. Dallas Keuchel met with local police, and Carlos Correa distributed mattresses to children. Justin Verlander donated $100,000, as gift that was matched by the team, to military veterans displaced by the hurricane, and contributed $30,000 and thousands more in shoes and athletic gear through his promotional agreement with New Balance. 

With only three home games, it will generate an estimated $20 million to 30 million in economic spending. Not to mention the gear such as hats and jersey will help bring in revenue. 

Joe Musgrove, Reliever for the Astros stated “We play for the city, and you start to fall in love with the fans. We’re giving them something to be proud of, and you can see how we’ve been a centerpiece for the city to rally around. The special year we’re having will be that much more special if we can bring back a championship. Because this is one of the reasons why we are here, we want to win the World Series and give it to our city.”

NDNU Mens Soccer, Senior, Chandler Alo said, “ I think that sport actives brings people together and with this horrible destruction in Houston it’s exactly what the community needed to come together. I hope the Astros win so Houston gets some hope back into their community. It would be a good thing to see.”

Throughout this time Astros have played through this tragedy and represented the hopes and dreams and given people a ray of sunshine during a tough time in the Houston community.

According to baseball statistics, the World Series winning team will get to take home 36% of the money that goes into the “players pool” of playoff revenue. Typically, players are fairly generous when it comes to sharing that revenue with anybody who played on the team that year, and they can also give some of the money to other figures, like ball boys or clubhouse workers they feel are particularly deserving, plus on top of that they will donate it back to the Houston community.

Assuming that this year’s playoff pool rivals last year’s record $69.8 million and this is a safe assumption given that big-market teams which the LA Dodgers are categorized as one will help Astros revenue bring in higher amounts. 

Foul Ball in MLB game hits Toddler by Jared Ortiz

In a recent incident on September 21st, 2017 in New York a toddler was struck in the head with a baseball at Yankee Stadium. Many were questioning how and why this happened, but it was just a freak accident that no one wishes to happen to anyone.

Due to this recent event professional baseball teams from all around the country have started to draw up plans to put safety nets all around the park so incidents like this wont happen again. Both fans and players were disgusted with what happened and soon began to talk about how there should be safety nets everywhere around the stadium no matter where you are sitting at. Because when a baseball is coming at you 100 MPH you have no time to react.

Here at NDNU there has been no incident like this recorded because the softball fields are gated off where fans do not have access to. The spectators usually sit behind home plate or near the benches where there are gates provided protecting them from any foul balls.

Sergio Gonzales Notre Dame de Namur Sophomore was sad to see this happen to such a young person because he is an avid sports watcher and likes to watch baseball and when talking about this certain topic with him he said I am sick to my stomach because this is the type of thing that can be prevented. Gonzales also went on to sayI am glad to see something finally being done, but it came too late and paid too big of a price for something to not have been dealt with earlier. This is a very sensitive topic that should have been dealt with yeas ago and it is a shame that it has come to this point for Major League teams to finally step up and do something about an ongoing incident that has been happening around the MLB for years on end.

Many students around Notre Dame de Namur University  have were surprised about what had happened especially Sophomore Adam Lopez because he and his family are baseball lovers and are horrified to see something like this happen. When asked about this Lopez said This is the type of accident that happens almost every day at ballparks but goes unnoticed until someone really gets injured for owners to actually take action for these sorts of things , it is a shame that this had to happen for something to change.

People should care about this recent incident because it can happen anywhere at any given time, no one is really safe when attending a baseball game. At baseball games there are always flying baseballs and commotion everywhere but in a blink of an eye a ball could be coming at you without even noticing.

NDNU Softball Field Cravings By Cynthia Rinaldo

The Notre Dame de Namur University softball team has been sharing Notre Dame High School’s softball field for fall ball, preseason, and season games. However, because it is not an official NCAA field, certain games cannot be played there.

NDNU does not have a place for the softball team to play games or practice on campus so they use NDHS’ field for games and occasionally Notre Dame Elementary School’s field to practice. Players have mentioned that in the past, there was a smaller field in the back on NDNU’s campus next to NDES where athletes were able to practice on, but balls would hit the windows and cars around them.

Not only are NDNU players not able to call a field their home to play on but they are also required to find transportation to go to the batting cages where they can practice their hits.

Abriana Arzaga a sophomore on the NDNU softball team said frustrated, “I don’t understand why Joshua Doody created a 10k budget for a drug test but can’t put payments down for a softball field.” Arzaga also mentioned that, “four years ago Belmont residents were willing to pay for a brand-new softball stadium but NDNU said no.”

Players feel as though there could be more effort from the school to create a plan to put a home softball field in place and are confused as to why NDNU would turn down an offer by Belmont residents to supply NDNU with a softball field.

Ashley Carter who has been the NDNU softball coach for a year mentioned, “We don’t have a softball field, the one we would rarely practice on was sold to the elementary school down the hill.” Carter also stated that, “The school does not allow the softball team to reach out to donors for money, we are required to do our own fundraising.” Although the high school allows the NDNU softball team to use their softball field there have been conflicting schedules, “Sometimes we have to change the times of our games and then family members even ones who came from out of state can’t watch their students play.”

Although Carter is able to have the team practice and play on NDHS’s softball field, “It would be nice for the softball team to have a field and if not a field then batting cages or at least a bathroom next to the high school’s softball field. We use a porta-potty down there.”

Although athletes would like to have a softball field at NDNU the head of the athletic department at NDNU Joshua Doody stated that it would be somewhat difficult to have one due to a couple of factors, “We could put a softball field on Deer Field but that could be a potential hazard because it would be blocking the fire path.” The paved path next to Deer Field that is used for emergencies would be cut off if there were an athletic field in the way. Doody also mentioned that, “we have a trade off with Notre Dame High School where we can use their softball field and take care of it while they use our soccer field and do the same. That’s out agreement.” So could NDNU potentially have a softball field? “If we tried digging out a softball field on the Lacrosse Field it wouldn’t workout because there are no lights.”

“Lets say our players make it to the NCAA playoff’s they wouldn’t be able to use Notre Dame High School’s softball field because it doesn’t have to the right measurements to be an official softball field,” said Doody. As of 2017, there are no plans to build a new softball field on the NDNU campus.

Athletic Gymnasium worth the money paid? by Caleb Keohokapu

Notre Dame De Namur athletic gymnasium was built for all the athletes and students that attend to this university. But there have been many complaints about the gym and how the use of the gymnasium was not accommodating to the students and athletes.

Jason Yuson a senior says “For the past 3 years there have always been problems with the use of the athletic gym, due to the lack of use of the gym I got out of my way to buy a membership at 24 Hour Fitness. So now I am spending way more money than I should be, I am very disappointed that the gym is always closed at random times.

A student athlete Naia Graham who plays on the soccer team shared his thoughts about the athletic gym. He said “Even though I am a athlete I understand that it is frustrating to students and other athletes who could never get their workout in or be able to use the gymnasium like we do. But we also sometimes get frustrated to when especially I could not get my workout in either.”

Zach Herr a junior also had complaints about the athletic gymnasium and how he would never have enough time to finish his workouts. “When the gym is closed during the day and finally the gym is open at night but then I would get interrupted by public safety and they had to shut down my workout because they have to close the gym. Even though there is a lot of people in the gym working out they still have to close it and everyone of us could never finish our workouts.”

Notre Dame De Namur athletic gymnasium has been frowned upon by students and with all the complaints that they have made about the gymnasium about the use and hours of the gym. Also about how the staff of the gym haven’t been stepping up to figure out why the gym always close at random times. There are students that are trying to do their workouts around their schedule and it really doesn’t help when the gym is closed.

Warriors do not want to go to the White House by Micah Tateishi

The Golden State Warriors, who have won two of the league’s last three championships and Two time MVP and NBA champion Steph Curry and are in question over making a decision of not attending the White House after winning last seasons NBA championship.

Despite many strong signs of the widespread distaste for President Trump would likely lead to the team not taking part in the annual ritual. The team will meet to make a decision in the coming days. General manager Bob Myers made it clear that the team has had contact with the White House and the door was left open for a possible visit.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr and two-time MVP Steph Curry the two men with more influence on the team’s culture than all the rest stated their belief that they prefer not to attend which has something to do with Trump’s handling of the Charlottesville riot in mid-August which is still fresh on the minds of the Warriors who see it the same way as Curry and Kerr.

When asking around campus on the current situation with the Warriors not visiting the White House, Chaz Wade a member of the mens basketball team said “I fully agree with Steph Curry and his decision. Being a minority as well as a basketball player I feel that Steph Curry is entitled to his opinion and beliefs. I find it very cool how he is using his platform as a professional basketball player to help fix certain issues in the United States” said Chaz.

In response to Curry’s comment President Trump withdrew his invitation to the NBA champions the Golden State Warriors to visit the White House and blaming the team’s star, Stephen Curry, for “hesitating” about accepting the offer. President Trump took to social media and said “Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team. Stephen Curry is hesitating, therefore invitation is withdrawn!”   

When asked why he wants to skip the visit and what the intended message would be, Curry elaborated. “That we don’t stand for basically what our President has – the things that he’s said and the things that he hasn’t said in the right times, that we won’t stand for it,” Curry said. “And by acting and not going, hopefully that will inspire some change when it comes to what we tolerate in this country and what is accepted and what we turn a blind eye to. It’s not just the act of not going there. There are things you have to do on the back end to actually push that message into motion. We’re using our platforms, using our opportunities to shed light on that, so that’s kind of where I stand on it. I don’t think us not going to the White House is going to miraculously make everything better, but this is my opportunity to voice that.”

Many other players such as LeBron James have also weighed in on the situations saying “Going to the White House was a great honor until you showed up!” James tweeted.

Seeing as how attended the White House for championship teams is an honor, we live in the United States and free to our own opinion. Fellow classmate and military veteran Ivan Zamora said “I fought for this country and all of its values. I served so that people could have their own opinions and voice themselves if they feel something is wrong or if they disagree with certain issues in this country”.