Weight Room Safety Concerns by Alex Ellifritz


The NDNU weight room was built in 2000. It has had slight modifications over the years in 2005, 2008, and 2013. The age and used equipment have given rise to safety and usability issues. NDNU’s weight room is approximately 10 x 20 square feet, allowing around 10 to 12 people workout in their safely and comfortably. Recently, there have been a couple restrictions added to the weight rooms policies this year such as weights being locked up, and not being able to lift at certain times.

When NDNU established its weight room in 2003 the athletic coaches rounded up equipment from yard sales and put it into the old dance room. The EZ bars (which are used for curls, skull crushers, etc) have started to break apart, the barbells have become rusty, and the dumbbells have started to go missing, it’s almost as if the room is not even cared for. Sophomore Abe Nevin, said “while I was in the weight room hitting curls, one end of the EZ bar slid off with the weight on it which landed on my toe. This left me with a minor injury for a couple days.” This leaves to question, is the weight room safe?

The 10 x 20 weight room is almost the size of a big bedroom, a small classroom, or about the size of an averaged sized locker room. Athletic teams have certain times throughout the day where they will be in the weight room getting a team workout in. Each sports team is made up of about approximately 20-30 athletes. Sophomore Brandy Hernandez said, “it’s hard to be in the weight room at the same time as a sports team because it’s too cramped and they use most of the equipment in there, making it hard to get anything done.” Hernandez also said that with the weight room being so small and with the team lifts jamming up the weight room. I am nervous for my safety because there are so many people in one small space lifting heavy weights with equipment that is old and has a chance of falling apart or hurting someone.”

Recently any dumbbells 30 lbs and under have been locked up by the lifting coach, Mike Barbot. Barbot said he, “locked them up due to dumbbells being stolen and due to no one putting their weights back once they’re done.” The rule for the locked up dumbbells are you must be an athlete of the school in order to get them unlocked for you, and if you are an athlete you have to ask a sports team coach on campus to come and unlock them. Coach Babort stated that when he was first hired at NDNU in 2016 he, “noticed the weight room was a bit outdated.” Mike took the job because he “saw potential in the weight room,” and has already started updating it. Josh Doody said it would be around $10,000 to $50,000 to fully upgrade the weight room. Right now, Doody has only given the okay to Coach Barbot to bring in whatever new equipment he finds fit to making the weight room a better training environment for athletes of the school.

Professional Football Player Gets Restrained Due to the Color of his skin by Caleb Keohokapu

michael bennett

            Las Vegas cops threatened to “blow my f****** head off” according to Michael Bennett Seattle Seahawks defensive end.

On August 26th, 2017 Michael Bennett was present at the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor right and he supposedly heard apparent gunshots so he flew the scene to safety but the “police pinned me down with excessive force, pointed a gun at me while threatening to blow my head off, and then detained me in a vehicle for what felt like an eternity,” said Bennett. Also Bennett shared “Las Vegas officers singled me out, and pointed their guns at me for doing nothing more than simply being a black man in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Transfer sophomore Joe Romero said, “I feel really discriminated because I am also black and I know that black people get a different treatment than white people and I felt the pain that Michael Bennett was going through. I believe if it was a white person in that situation he wouldn’t have been abused like how Michael Bennett was detained. This only shows that there is never going to be equality and racism will always be a continual problem in our society today.”

Steven Jordan, a transfer sophomore, shared his thoughts about this situation, “I believe this world will never achieve world peace. There is always going to have discrimination throughout this world and after being notified about this it just hurts to see the innocent get charged for nothing.”

Sophomore Joseph Condry was informed about this incident and shared his thoughts about it. “Racism and Racial profiling is still apparent in 2017 even though everything that has happened in the past years. Michael Bennett is one of the nicest person out there I am so hurt that the cops would treat him this way.”

Shaina Acosta a junior came across this news even and openly shared what she has thought about this event. “I believe that this is demoralizing and it hurts to see that Michael Bennett a innocent bystander gets aggressively detained by cops because of the color of his skin.”

In response to the incident Las Vegas police department said, “That they were responding to reports of a shooter at a casino at the time of Bennett’s arrest.” Clark County undersheriff Kevin McMahill said Bennett didn’t stop when officers saw him running away from the casino. McMahill added internal affairs investigators are reviewing video footage to determine exactly what happened. Also McMahill said, “I can tell you as I stand here today, I see no evidence of that. I see no evidence that race was a factor in this incident,” adding that officers helped and passed many people who were racial minorities.

Colin Kaepernick the Quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers said, “This violation that happened against my Brother Michael Bennett is disgusting and unjust. I stand with Michael and I stand with the people.” He believes that what they are doing is wrong and he will stand and fight for what they believe in and what the cops did was wrong.

Tips on How to Prepare your body Post and Pre workout by Abby Dyer

The three main keys to keeping your body prepared for daily activity in your life is, sleep, hydrating and a proper diet. Many people have different routines to prepare their body, each body reacts different to routines and diets. 
Coach BJ Noble, Director of NDNU soccer, stated that “The best way to recover his body is hydrating!” 
Noble said “ The most important thing is refilling your body with what water percentage you have lost from sweating. Putting back the electrolytes in your body is a key factor in recovery. It is best to drink a green juice with lots of vitamins as well, before you start your work out and never turn to any energy drinks, they will make you crash and burn.”  
Recent studies from Boston University has scientifically proven that stretching before workouts leads to more injures. They recommend instead to do dynamic stretching such as lunges and jumping all before you work out and after you have finished your work out that is the best time to stretch. It will prevent your body from cramping and soreness. 
When your body does cramp up it is recommended to chow down on a banana. Bananas are rich in vitamin B6 and potassium. 
This will fuel your body with the right nutrients it needs to recover. 
Junior, Ari Cunha, NDNU Womens basketball and soccer player shared a little tip on how she gets motivated and prepared for workouts. 
Cunha said, “Theres nothing like the pre work out jams to get you in the mood, they really pump me up.” 
Cunha headed to mention her go to song is, “If you let me, by Sinead Harnett.”
After a workout it is very important to fill your body with the right nutrients. Fruits and veggies will recharge your body and help you recovery faster.
You should never turn to greasy food right after a work out or right before. It will cause fatigue and will not allow you to perform to your full ability. 
The night before workouts you should fill your body with protein and somewhat a little carbohydrates. Many people think you should cut all carbs out, but your body needs carbs to act to its best capability when working out if its on a regular base, it is the fuel for your workout. 
According to Mark McManus from (Body Building Nutrition Post) is a strong believer “That taking in carbohydrates in the pre and post workout period has long seen as an, essential component of your muscle recovery and building regimen.” 
Your body stores the carbohydrates in the glycogen in your skeletal muscle which is broken down in sugars that are needed because the muscles rely more on fast burning carbohydrates. 
This intake should only be consume when your exercise is high intensity. Always give your food time to digest before a workout. 
It is recommend by Chris Dinesen Rogers, from Live-strong, to give your body at least two hours before you begin your workout. 
Head Athletic Trainer of NDNU, Anthony Camarago said “I can’t stress enough how important it is to roll out your body and get treatment, such as heating before a workout and icing after. If you feel sore or tight, that can make a huge difference in your recovery time and it helps prevent less injuries.”
With the right preparation and recovery, your body will thank you and help you perform to it’s full capability. 

Soccer Teams Scramble as Transfer Window Closes by Fnu G Balamurali


With the current transfer window shuffling European soccer teams around, we are seeing unprecedented relegation fees, such as Neymar Jr.’s U.S$ 264 million move to Paris-Saint Germain.

The transfer window for the English Premier League began with surprising swaps of players between clubs, causing commotion among fans and pundits, but this season has also provided record numbers for transfer fees and team spending.

Manchester City alone has assembled a team that cost them U.S$ 232.3 million this year; 6800 times the cost of undergraduate tuition at Notre Dame De Namur University this year. The net worth of their new team holds the record for being the most expensive to have ever been assembled, valued at U.S$ 1.023 billion. These numbers have not only been amusing to soccer fans but have also raised concerns of the sport’s future.

“Can these teams really make that much money off one player?” said Senior Rene Roque. Her concerns are shared by many soccer fans around the world.

Transfers affect a player’s performance in their club team and national team and experienced players are well sought-after as they have proven to increase the performance of the rest of their team. In the recent past, teams would be rushing to sign less experienced players that show most promise. Revealing a “diamond-in-the-rough” would not only bring the club a better reputation, but also draw better signings for the future.

More people have started showing interest in the sport, but high costs to break contracts could also be detrimental. Individuals become brands. Clubs may sell enough merchandise, venue tickets and sponsorship revenues to cover their high costs, the sport itself becomes centered around the business aspect and there is fear that players would be merited on celebrity rather than performance, like Formula 1 in the 80’s.

When inquired on viewership, freshman soccer fan Jesus Mendoza said “The media coverage on this transfer season has been incredible, riled by the high transfer fees. That alone might get more people interested in soccer!”

With this inflation, skeptics like Sportscorp’s Marc Ganis argue “There is no way for it to make economic sense!” regarding PSG president Al-Khelaifi’s comments about turning Neymar Jr.’s cost into profit.

The inflation is most attributed to the business tactics used by club in recent times; when a player starts to appeal to another team, his/her price is almost always increased to great lengths, sometimes to the point of ridicule.

FIFPro, an organization made up of representatives who give out awards for fair play in soccer, claims “…an inflated and distorted market, with escalating transfer fees at the heart of it, has helped to destroy competitive balance”, and that the “…transfer rules governed by FIFA are anti-competitive, unjustified and illegal.”

Senior April Saldana disagreed with nay-sayers “…these fees are appropriate for the talent they bring to the team”, as they “…greatly improve the quality of a team with their expertise.”

Coupled with the demise of honing youth players, the business of soccer may be taking a stark turn towards commercialization. Smaller clubs, however, are benefitting from the willingness of larger teams to fork out high transfer fees. For instance, Monaco purchased four players after selling their 18-year-old prodigy, Mbappe, to PSG for U.S$ 242 million. As money from outside the sport gets pumped into the ecosystem, there is also a good chance for the sport to grow.

Bay Area basketball players giving back by John Schrup

Basketball players at the collegiate and professional level are full time athletes working on strengthening their bodies and their basketball skills all year round. Both Notre Dame de Namur men’s basketball team and the Golden State Warriors dedicate time off the court helping the Bay Area be a better place to live.
Two time MVP and captain of the Warriors, Steph Curry, works with 4 charities, 11 causes and makes appearances eat numerous events to help less fortunate people. Curry has been a finalist for the NBA Cares Community Assist Award presented by Kaiser Permanente, in recognition of his outstanding efforts in the community and his ongoing philanthropic and charitable work. NBA Cares Community Assist Award recognizes the NBA player who best reflects the passion the league and its players have for giving back to their communities.  For five straight seasons Curry will lead the “Three for Three Challenge” , by donating three life-saving nets to the United Nations Foundation’s, “Nothing But Nets campaign” for every three-pointer he makes.
“For a guy who’s so good at basketball you know he spends most of his time working on his game. The fact that he’s so involved in all of these different things to give back to the community really shows just how amazing of a guy he is,” said senior Jen Ticzon.
Steph Curry isn’t the only Warrior heavily involved in the community. All-Star forward Draymond Green was also named a finalist by the NBA for the 2015-16 season long NBA Cares Community Assist Award. Green donated $3.1 million to his alma mater, Michigan State, the largest single gift to MSU Athletics by a former student-athlete.
Guys like Steph curry and Draymond Green go above and beyond to help the community but that doesn’t mean the rest of the Warrior team doesn’t also give back. In 2016 the warriors supported #hashtaglunchbag by creating and delivering 20,000 lunch bags to those less fortunate.
“I went to Oakland High and the Warriors would put on an event every year called, “Read to Achieve,” where players from the team would come and talk with us and help us in class for a day,” said sophomore Eduardo Trujillo.
The warriors aren’t the only basketball players helping the bay Area community. Last season the NDNU men’s basketball team visited second harvest food bank where they distributed and packed food for the homeless in san mateo county.
The Argonauts also assisted the local elementary school, Cipriani, with their Halloween preparations and creation of a haunted house. At the event the team created and put together the decorations for Halloween as well as construct various items for their events.
“We really enjoyed being asked to come back and help build the haunted house for the elementary school kids again.”  Senior Korey Serna said.  “It was our second year working with them and it was a great bonding experience for the team.”

Steve Kerr out for playoffs? by John Schrup

The Warriors biggest worry is not the injury to Kevin Durant. He is all but ready to take the court again, even though the Warriors held him out of Game 3. It’s Kerr’s health that is now the biggest concern.
Saturday before game three of the first round of the Western Conference playoffs, Steve Kerr was nowhere to be found. Although the warriors were able to handle the Trail Blazers without Kerr he’s absence moving forward is problematic.
“Coach Kerr is the leader of the team and he manages the game. Without him I’m nervous that we (warriors) won’t be able to beat the spurs or cavaliers if we face them.” said senior Joe Laherran.
The Spurs have arguably the best coach in the NBA with Gregg Popovich. Popovich is a 6 time NBA champion and has been to the finals 9 times in his 25 year coaching career. Kerr played for Popovich for 4 years and has developed some of the same strategies and styles from him. Kerr is best fit to counter and coach against Pop if they were to face off in the Conference Finals and without him even with a more talented team, the warriors can be defeated.
“Without Kerr the warriors will not win the NBA Championship. He’s the reason they are where they are today. He’s lead them to back to back championships and it’s no coincidence” said San Mateo high school varsity basketball coach Marvin Lui.
Kerr had  surgical procedure on his back in 2015 which caused a spinal fluid leak which gives him excruciating symptoms such as migraines and nausea.
The worst part, the Warriors don’t yet know what is going on. They had to say “illness” because they have no answers yet. In reports Kerr hadn’t felt well all series, according to people around him, and Saturday it became unbearable. It is unknown if these issues are even related to his past well-known health problems.
“I saw on ESPN after the game saturday that Kerr was in excruciating pain and he could barely walk. It was scary to hear because he said it wasn’t a feeling he’s had before.”said senior Jen Ticzon.
In the game Saturday assistant head coach Mike Brown held down the fort and helpe dlead the Warriors to victory but over this long championship pursuit Kerr’s knowledge of rival teams, hes . ability to motivate individual players and manage the roller coaster of emotions will be pivotal to the teams success.
Kerrs absence will be a big deal in the later rounds if his health doesn’t improve. Even though the Warriors have veterans with championship experience, removing his presence at this juncture is a significant change and will be problematic in the Warriors bout to win the NBA Championship. .

The Athletics Are Committed to Oakland By Ryan Malley

The past season in sports brought a lot of victories to the East Bay. The Warriors broke the NBA regular season wins record and the Raiders made the playoffs for the first time since 2002. But it is the Oakland Athletics, coming off a last place 69-93 season that have the East Bay’s hearts.

“I do not know if the A’s will be any good this year, but I will definitely be going to more games to show my support this summer,” said NDNU Senior Michael Marques.

Within the last six months, the Warriors and the Raiders announced their intentions to leave the city of Oakland for more lucrative stadiumdeals. The Warriors are only moving to the other side of the Bay in San Francisco. But the Raiders’ Owner Mark Davis is taking his team to Las Vegas. The Athletics will likely be the only professional team in Oakland by 2020.

During a time that Oakland and East Bay residents are feeling rejected, the Athletics are committing to their fans more than ever. Their social media hashtag #RootedInOakland has been a symbol of their commitment to their city and the franchise has been active in building fan support.

The first step came when new team president Dave Kaval announced his commitment to keeping the A’s in Oakland and that a new ballpark is his highest priority.

“It’s realistic to think that by this time next year, the A’s would at least be able to set down a timeline for how and when they would build in Oakland,” Kavel said.

Being able to build a new ballpark in Oakland is huge for the fans and the franchise, but the A’s will not have a new stadium built for at least several more years. In the meantime, they are doing everything they can to generate interest from their fans.

Jeremy Koo of athleticsnation.com has already bought in on what Dave Kaval is trying to sell.

“For the first time in many years, the A’s have in Dave Kaval a credible leader who can rally this triumvirate together to bring a new stadium and a better fan experience to the Oakland Athletics,” Koo said.

Dave Kaval holds office hours every Tuesday from 3-5 p.m. that is open to the fans. This is a 180-degree turnaround for a franchise that seemed to have not been listening to its fans for the better part of two decades.

The meetings have already created change for the A’s. One suggestion by a fan was to name the playing field after a former A’s player. On Opening Day, The A’s had a pregame ceremony and named their field “Rickey Henderson Field.”

Another complaint has been the massive tarps that have covered the upper deck stands. The tarps have been there since 2006 and were put up because the A’s had not been drawing big enough crowds for their Coliseum that holds 46,000+.  Even though the crowds were not as big, the tarps were a constant reminder of an ownership group that had no faith in its fans. The tarps were a symbol of an ownership group that was complacent with not building more fan support.

“The best fans in baseball deserve the opportunity to experience the whole stadium so we have decided to take off the tarps on the upper deck,” Kaval said.

While it is unkown how well the product on the field will be this year from the A’s players, fans will be able to enjoy the product and optimism that Dave Kaval has brought to Oakland.

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