Did You Rep?

A new event came to NDNU Wednesday night, a fun filled event all to get the sport’s teams some recognition.

If you were walking around the Library Lawn on Wednesday, September 17, night and didn’t know about Rep Your Sport, you might have wondered why there were so many people jumping and playing in bounce houses. However this wasn’t a random sight, it was a new event put on by the Programming Board.

Rep Your Sport was an event to bring all of the NDNU community together, and to recognize the sports teams as well.

“Programming Board’s mission for this event was to start the year off with school spirit and show the sports teams that PB supports them,” tells Veronica Anton, a member of the Programming Board.

Much like the previous years “Midnight Madness” which was an event held in the gym, where the sports teams put on a skit or planned games for the audience to play , in a sense, this event had a way to bring non-athletes at school together with those who star on our fields and courts.

NDNU offers many events throughout the school year, and all seem to have the same goal: to get our small community to come closer together.

According to the Programming Board a total of 166 students attended this event, which was a great turnout for the first one of the year. The Programming Board wants students to get excited about the new year and new events that they will be planning, and also to get excited about our sports’ programs.

Veronica Anton, of the Programming Board stated that “a lot of coaches and other groups have been talking about getting high school spirit this year and we wanted to help create that movement.”

Teams were invited to come in uniform, which the Lacrosse team took very seriously and all came matching. You also saw men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball, and men’s and women’s cross country at the event. Some who aren’t on a team at school came in sports related gear, such as jerseys, hats, and t-shirts of their favorite major league teams. Reinforcing the NDNU spirit, this year’s new cheerleading squad performed a cheer as well as a dance.

Other students, who do not play a sport, also attended the festivities. Playing in the different bounce house styles that were offered, which included a basketball court and a life size Foosball game. As always you got Argo Points for attending the event, free snow cones were given away, and there was also a raffle offered by the Programming Board for a pair of San Francisco Giants tickets.

A group of students waiting to play one of the games that were offered at Rep Your Sport.
Some of the Lacrosse team came in uniform to bounce around at Rep Your Sport.
Coco Bradley and Taylor Dewees practice their shooting skills on the inflatable hoops at Rep Your Sport.

10 Must Go Places In The Bay Area

Being Notre Dame de Namur students, we are very fortunate to be going to school in the location we are in, where we are exposed to such amazing places to explore in terms of hiking, biking and sight seeing – especially with Caltrain right down the street.

Now, for you students who haven’t explored the area just yet, I’m going to show you my 10 MUST SEE places in the area, give you some directions and some advice on when to go. Being the “SF Summer” as some would call it, this is the best time to visit the San Francisco spots without getting too much fog. Living in such an amazing area with a lot of adventure possibilities, take the time out of your day to read about my top MUST- SEE places and hopefully one day you can check them out on your own. Here are my 10 MUST-SEE places in the Bay Area:

10. AT&T Park: Come support your local major league baseball team at this fairly new stadium on the water. Look for the bleacher seats they can get pretty cheap and you have a great view.


9. Levi Stadium: This brand new football stadium is AMAZING and so is the team that plays there. Try and get your tickets early when they are cheap because they can get pricey.


8. Twin Peaks: A very well known tourist attraction in San Francisco that, on a clear day, can give you a view of all the Bay Area.


7. Haight & Ashbury: The most interesting street in all of San Francisco. Located right next to Golden Gate Park, Haight Street provides great shopping, food, and people watching.


6. Ocean Beach: A beautiful beach in the Sunset district of San Francisco. Catch it now while the weather is nice, because this beach is normally foggy and chilly.


5. Dolores Park: A great place to grab a sandwich from Ike’s Place only a couple blocks away (3489 16th Street) and sit in the grass, eat and enjoy the view of all of Downtown San Francisco.


4. Grizzly Peak: A viewpoint right above the University of California’s campus across the water in Berkeley. A bit of a drive, make sure to not go during rush hour too.


3. Half Moon Bay: A great beach with excellent sights up and down the coast. Good place to go to the beach and grab some seafood at.


2. Golden Gate Park: Endless amount of things to do. From Stow Lake, Frisbee Golf, Golf, Conservatory of Flowers, Academy of Sciences, de Young Museum, and all the other activities that there is to do in this massive park.


1. Marin Headlands: Amazing views of all of San Francisco. Walk around and explore the empty Army bases. An amazing and must go place just on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge.


*All Photography taken by Jordan Ross


Troubles in Washington

The NDNU women’s soccer team took their 2-0 record up to Washington where they played Seattle Pacific University on Saturday September 13th, followed by Western Washington University on Monday September 15th. The girls battled hard through both games but were unable to come away with a victory in either game.

The first game against SPU had a few costly errors of which eventually jeopardized the game. The Lady Argos ended up losing 5-0.

NDNU looked to bounce back against WWU, of which are rated third in the latest National Soccer Coaches Association of America NCAA Division II Top 25. The Lady Argos started off strong holding the Vikings scoreless in the first half. But early in the second WWU was able to find the net and then again later in the half. The final score was 2-0.

The Lady Argos are now 2-2 with their next game Friday, September 19th at 3:30 against San Francisco State.

A Lady Argo going in for the header against WWU.

Golfer Rituals

Many golfers, like other athletes, have their fair share of unusual superstitions. Superstitions can involve what shirt the golfer wears, the specific ball they plays with, or even what clubs they choose to use. This week we are going to take a look into some of the quirky rituals and superstitions that make the NDNU Golf team so unique.

The first ritual that was also the most common amongst the team was what they ate before they teed off. Many on the team agreed that if they didn’t eat their specific pre-game meal, they felt like their swing and balance was slightly off.

The second weirdest ritual that was prevalent amongst the team was aiming the number on the golf ball towards the hole. This came as a surprise, but also makes sense visually.

Another quirky ritual that a couple of members admitted to was sticking with the club they take out of the bag first. If they read a hole a certain way and choose a club, there is no going back or it is considered back luck amongst the NDNU Golf team.

Another superstition was to not use red tees. Red is the color of stress, and maybe that’s where it comes from. It’s hard enough keeping your mental focus on the course without added subliminal pressure from the color of the tee.

The team doesn’t plan on stopping their rituals and superstitions anytime soon as long as they feel it helps their luck on the golf course.

The 2014-2015 Golf team features a large number of returners. With nine players coming back, the team feels they will get off to a good start in tournament play.

The team travels to Olympia Washington for the Saint Martin’s Invitational on friday, September 19th. The Saint Martins Invitational is their first tournament of the fall.

The team wraps up in Olympia on Sunday and immediately starts the Western Washington Invitational on Monday morning.

Luckily, the team will not have to travel out of state for the second tournament. Even though two tournaments in six days seems like a daunting task, the team is ready and up to the challenge.

I am: A Collegiate Athlete

Being a student athlete is not only a privilege to a few, but it is also a full time job that not many can handle. With only so many spots open on a collegiate team, there are twice as many people competing to get the same spot.

Not only are you pushing yourself in the gym, on the field, on the court and in the classroom, but you are also pushing yourself physically and mentally to be the best that you can be.

Before you are even on the team at a collegiate level, you have to try and get your grades and test scores as high as possible so the college coaches will even give you the time of day to look at your profile. Many do not realize that even if you are a star player on your team, without at least a 3.0 GPA, many coaches will look for the next best player who has the better grades.

“During my time in high school, lacrosse gave me the motivation to succeed in the classroom so I could have the opportunity to succeed on the field”, freshman Griffin Van Baush told.

The reason for this is because a coach wants a player who is willing to put in the work not only on the field while balancing schoolwork and internships.

“Through these four years of college I have learned that time management is one of the most important skills to have”, emphasized NDNU senior Zach Ginter.

Many coaches stress the option that a majority of their players will not make it to the next level after college, which is the professional level. All the coaches want players to have a fall back plan of continuing to go to school and earning a higher college degree.

Junior Jalani Davis shared knowledge on the topic, “Though my first love is basketball, my back up plan is a career involving music and teaching the youth about the basics of music.”

While athletes are chasing not only a championship and a college degree, many do not realize the effort, time and energy that student athletes put into their everyday work.

It is shown through sports teams at NDNU. The daily morning routine consists of waking up at 6 a.m. to condition and run until the bodies are numb. With coaches pushing one’s limits, a day filled with classes are scheduled. Most have jobs outside of school, trying to make money so they can do various extracurricular activities during the little free time that they have.


Wiegand Gallery Presents : “The Roots of the Spirit”

The Wiegand Gallery, located at Notre Dame De Namur University, is happy to announce the opening of The Roots Of The Spirit exhibition. The exhibition includes a variety of sculptures, paintings and drawings made by four of the country’s most inspiring Outsider artists: Lonnie Holley, Mr. Imagination, Charlie Lucas and Kevin Sampson.

The Civil Rights Movement and the lack of opportunity and education offered to African Americans influence each of these artists’s work. Each of these artists use of preservation of recycled and free materials while making their art in order to show future generations the beauty and potential of all material.

Martha Henry, Director of the Wiegand Gallery states that, “Their artworks express their African and American culture, their everyday lives, dreams, and aspirations. When we look into the mirror of the black experience we have a better understanding of American culture, values and spirituality. Black artists have played a vital role in distinguishing our culture throughout the world, indeed the black experience is so interwoven into our larger culture that it defines much of what the world perceives today as American.”

The Roots of the Spirit originates back to 2011 when the four artists were invited to be apart of the 54th Venice Biennale, an event put on by the American Folk Art Museum in New York and Benetton in Treviso. Being invited to this, the artists were each given the opportunity to display their artwork in a large exhibition for the world to see at the Fondaco dei Tedschi.

Unfortunately due to an unexpected loss of funding, the invitation was revoked and the incredible opportunity to expose their artwork. Even though these men lost the opportunity to share their work, they have continued to expose their artwork in galleries all over the country.

Martha Henry shares that she, “felt it important to celebrate the achievements of these four who emerged from the depths of personal despair to make valuable contributions to the American visual experience.”

Come check out a variety of artists and their amazing artwork at NDNU’s exhibition of “The Roots of the Spirit” open now until November 26th in the Wiegand Gallery!

For more information or pictures of the exhibit visit the NDNU’s Arts & Events website below: http://www.ndnu.edu/arts-events/wiegand-gallery/roots-of-the-spirit/

Lady Argos: Unstoppable

The Notre Dame De Namur women’s soccer team’s season is now underway. Currently the Lady Argos are 2-0 with wins coming against Cal State Monterey Bay and Cal State East Bay. The Lady Argos have several new pieces to their team along with some key returners. Seniors Jessica Santos and Rebecca Yim look to lead their team to a lot more victories this year.

In their first game, the Argos played against Cal State Monterey Bay. Within the first half the game was extremely close with only a few shots on goal but no goals scored. The second half was a whole different story; CSUMB got on the board scoring their first goal of the game.

10 minutes later CSUMB scored their second goal. However, the Lady Argos turned around quickly scoring 3 goals to finish the game with a victory. First goal was scored by senior Bianca Lemus followed by Monica Barrios; with the game-winning goal coming from senior Massiel Castellanos.

When asked about the game Santos confidently stated, “ We played really good. I thought we played hard and played as a team and that’s why we were able to come back and get the win.”

NDNU’s second game against CSUEB wasn’t as high scoring as the first. The first half was scoreless until late when Senior Rebecca Yim sunk a free kick from 35 feet out putting the Lady Argos up 1-0 to close the half. The second half was all about freshman goalkeeper Abigail Cebrero making incredible save after save. She finished the game with 10 saves earning her 1st career shutout.

The Lady Argos take their 2-0 records up to Washington this weekend playing Seattle Pacific University on Saturday September 13th and then Western Washington University on Monday September 15th.