Are You Connected?

Don’t automatically reach for that “lock” button, after checking Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and all the usual apps that you use on your smartphone. Make sure you get into the habit of checking the NDNU app: BeConnected. Download it for free in your App store and make life on campus a little easier.

As stated in the app description, as well as by the maker Kyle Pretsch, the app is meant to make many of the school’s several resources readily and easily available to the the entire NDNU community. Although released last year, not much has changed besides making the app work better with the phone updates, such as IOS. However, it seems that it is getting a bigger buzz this year.

“Last year when it came out not a lot of people knew what it was for or what it could do so it was downloaded and deleted.” says Notre Dame de Namur senior, Fiona Mcvicar.

Now it seems as if everyone is using BeConnected for its various resources.

One of the most used features on the app is the Café Menu. It shows you what is being served that day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Another amazingly helpful area of the app is the laundry tab. You can check what machines are being used and how much time is left on the ones that are running. Under the ID Card feature you can report a lost or stolen ID, add value in flex, as well as get discounts at participating locations such as: Hola’s in the Carlmont Center or Menchies Frozen Yougurt.

Other features include the NDNU Mission, a gallery from the SLLO Flickr account, and a camera to send your own photos from NDNU events to the SLLO Flickr. You can easily access your student email, the Student Handbook; not only this but it serves as a way to get a hold of Public Safety.

BeConnected is proving to be a very helpful and easy to use app for the NDNU community. With all of these resources in one place, there is no reason that this app shouldn’t already be on your homepage.