Golfer Rituals

Many golfers, like other athletes, have their fair share of unusual superstitions. Superstitions can involve what shirt the golfer wears, the specific ball they plays with, or even what clubs they choose to use. This week we are going to take a look into some of the quirky rituals and superstitions that make the NDNU Golf team so unique.

The first ritual that was also the most common amongst the team was what they ate before they teed off. Many on the team agreed that if they didn’t eat their specific pre-game meal, they felt like their swing and balance was slightly off.

The second weirdest ritual that was prevalent amongst the team was aiming the number on the golf ball towards the hole. This came as a surprise, but also makes sense visually.

Another quirky ritual that a couple of members admitted to was sticking with the club they take out of the bag first. If they read a hole a certain way and choose a club, there is no going back or it is considered back luck amongst the NDNU Golf team.

Another superstition was to not use red tees. Red is the color of stress, and maybe that’s where it comes from. It’s hard enough keeping your mental focus on the course without added subliminal pressure from the color of the tee.

The team doesn’t plan on stopping their rituals and superstitions anytime soon as long as they feel it helps their luck on the golf course.

The 2014-2015 Golf team features a large number of returners. With nine players coming back, the team feels they will get off to a good start in tournament play.

The team travels to Olympia Washington for the Saint Martin’s Invitational on friday, September 19th. The Saint Martins Invitational is their first tournament of the fall.

The team wraps up in Olympia on Sunday and immediately starts the Western Washington Invitational on Monday morning.

Luckily, the team will not have to travel out of state for the second tournament. Even though two tournaments in six days seems like a daunting task, the team is ready and up to the challenge.