Wiegand Gallery Presents : “The Roots of the Spirit”

The Wiegand Gallery, located at Notre Dame De Namur University, is happy to announce the opening of The Roots Of The Spirit exhibition. The exhibition includes a variety of sculptures, paintings and drawings made by four of the country’s most inspiring Outsider artists: Lonnie Holley, Mr. Imagination, Charlie Lucas and Kevin Sampson.

The Civil Rights Movement and the lack of opportunity and education offered to African Americans influence each of these artists’s work. Each of these artists use of preservation of recycled and free materials while making their art in order to show future generations the beauty and potential of all material.

Martha Henry, Director of the Wiegand Gallery states that, “Their artworks express their African and American culture, their everyday lives, dreams, and aspirations. When we look into the mirror of the black experience we have a better understanding of American culture, values and spirituality. Black artists have played a vital role in distinguishing our culture throughout the world, indeed the black experience is so interwoven into our larger culture that it defines much of what the world perceives today as American.”

The Roots of the Spirit originates back to 2011 when the four artists were invited to be apart of the 54th Venice Biennale, an event put on by the American Folk Art Museum in New York and Benetton in Treviso. Being invited to this, the artists were each given the opportunity to display their artwork in a large exhibition for the world to see at the Fondaco dei Tedschi.

Unfortunately due to an unexpected loss of funding, the invitation was revoked and the incredible opportunity to expose their artwork. Even though these men lost the opportunity to share their work, they have continued to expose their artwork in galleries all over the country.

Martha Henry shares that she, “felt it important to celebrate the achievements of these four who emerged from the depths of personal despair to make valuable contributions to the American visual experience.”

Come check out a variety of artists and their amazing artwork at NDNU’s exhibition of “The Roots of the Spirit” open now until November 26th in the Wiegand Gallery!

For more information or pictures of the exhibit visit the NDNU’s Arts & Events website below: http://www.ndnu.edu/arts-events/wiegand-gallery/roots-of-the-spirit/