Men’s and Women’s Cross Country: In It To Win It

With Fall sports just getting under way, the Men’s and Women’s Cross Country teams couldn’t have started off the season any better at the Fresno State Invitational. Having the first race be in the scorching heat down in Fresno, the weather didn’t seem to bother the Argonauts at all. Both teams ended up finishing in 1st place in the race with the men’s fastest time coming from Michael Young and the women’s fastest time coming from new comer Carmen Contreras.

I caught up and chatted with two of the ladies from the cross-country team, Cynthia Delgado and Tara Kai LamCenteio, to see how the first race went, check on the team’s newest additions and both of the teams’ goals for the new year.

When asked about how the first race went they replied, “The first race went great! Both the women’s and men’s team ended up winning 1st place. We all ran a great race despite the weather because it was warm down in Fresno and the drive down the night before.”

Curious about the team this year and how it may be different from last year’s team, the girls confidently described, “The girl’s team this year looks stronger than last year. The team has a closer bond and all the girls are great. We have better communication amongst each other which helps keep drama out and stay focused on the sport.”

Cynthia and Kai also discussed the new runners and what they bring to the table stating, “We have three new runners, Carmen Contreras, Kalynn Gutierrez, and Milagros Vizcaino, all who bring a whole new dimension to the team. They are a great asset and will help add depth to the team, building up for future years.”

Last year, the ladies’ team finished 11th in the conference, however, this year both teammates have new goals. “Our goal this year is to move up in our conference placing compared to last year.”

Inquiring how they are hoping to achieve this goal, they answered with, “Hard work, dedication, and relying on each other will help us achieve our goal. And of course, the support of our peers!”

The next race is September 13th at the UC Riverside Invitational in Santa Clarita, CA. Good luck to both teams on keeping this strong start going!